Wednesday, March 30, 2022

It's Official! The Zomberry Roblox Game Is Launching THIS FRIDAY! 🧟‍♀️🫐

Another day, another round of monster-mental news, Poptropicans! We’re thrilled to share the latest updates about the Zomberry inspired game coming to Roblox with you. The moment you’ve all been waiting for…


The Zomberry experience will launch THIS FRIDAY, April 1st🎉 That’s only two days away – mark your calendars! If you’re already wondering if this is an April Fool’s Day joke – nope, this is not a drill. 


The Zomberry inspired Roblox game is on its final leg of development. In just 2 days time, all Poptropicans and Robloxians will be invited into the heart of the action.


Several weeks ago, rumors of a new Zomberry outbreak stunned players far and wide. But this time, unlike the past, Poptropica was spared. Instead, the infection reemerged in Roblox.


Zomberry Game arena on Roblox


Now, fears of the latest berry behemoth are spreading like wildfire.  To prepare incoming Poptropicans and Robloxians, another top-secret photo has been declassified. Brace yourself, it’s quite the reveal! 🧟‍♀️


It's Coming! Zomberry on Roblox


The Zomberries are infecting humans at an incredible rate. Enter the arena alongside other humans and avoid being turned into a zombie bar-berry-an! Will you survive the night or will the Zomberries ravage your healthy forces? Only time will tell…  


To recap, the humans vs. Zomberries game will launch THIS FRIDAY, April 1st, on Roblox! All players will have the chance to experience the Zomberry takeover for themselves in 3D. If you’ve been wondering how the iconic Poptropican appearance will be recreated in the Roblox world, here’s your answer!


We can’t wait to share the special, first-of-its-kind project with you! Who’s excited about the return of the Zomberries? You already know what to do – share your reactions with the Pop community in the comments below! ⬇️


Meet you in the arena, Poptropicans. Pop on!

Damon Da DudeMarch 30, 2022 pm31 1:27 pm

POPTROPICA IN 3D!!!!!!!!!!!

MillyMarch 30, 2022 pm31 5:02 pm

The Roblox Poptropican looks really nice 👍 great work with making it look so

Old Island FanMarch 30, 2022 pm31 5:14 pm

Okay! Now that this is over, hopefully we can move the focus back to the ACTUAL Poptropica game, and get to work porting over the 36 original islands and old store items that are completely unavailable on your current platform?

And not spend time developing a mini-event inside a DIFFERENT COMPANY"S GAME?



Little BirdMarch 30, 2022 pm31 7:24 pm

yes pleeeeeeease

you made a cool game for those poptropicans who also like Roblox and now we want a turn!
pretty please
with a classic island on top?

Shifty PawMarch 30, 2022 pm31 11:13 pm

Yeah, can you guys please focus on poptropica, that’s right, Poptropica. This is a poptropica blog so can you pls focus on getting the old islands back ( on poptropica if you’re confused).
Sorry about sounding criticising, but It is just an opinion.
I have a request though, instead of the character page where you see your poptropican and costumes, can we have the good old backpack back with the floating cards? And how about the original store? It’s just filled with so much nostalgia. Thankyou

YumishMarch 31, 2022 am31 6:13 am

OMG!!! sound so cool!!

Golden StormMarch 31, 2022 am31 7:31 am

Yes... now that this is done, please focus on Poptropica! The reason I play Poptropica is because of the islands, not to find it mixed with Roblox?! Thanks!