Monday, March 28, 2022

Have you played Unicorn Frenzy yet? 🦄💫


ICYMI, Poptropica released a new game on Roblox! Inspired by Amelia's love for unicorns, Unicorn Frenzy opens the gates to a magical kingdom, which a herd of the mythical creatures call home. Frolic around the arena as you search for the waiting unicorns. Collect as many as you can, all while leaping and bounding atop pink, fluffy clouds and beautiful rainbows. Use the trampolines to soar high in the air for a birds-eye look at the rosy landscape. The view is unmatched!


Unicorn Frenzy arena on RobloxUnicorn Frenzy Aerial View


Challenge your friends to see who can find the most unicorns! Maybe you want to up the ante? Try to swoop in front of them and steal the unicorns in their path for a bit of friendly competition. 


The kingdom is calling, will you answer? Amelia’s welcoming any and all players into her secret unicorn haven. The adventurer’s love for the magical creatures is understandable, you can’t help but adore them! See the dreamy world for yourself! 🌈