Monday, February 7, 2022

Store updates, the Baron's departure, and PoptropiCon Challenge reminders!

Howdy, Poptropicans! There’s lots to cover today, so let’s pop right to it!


During a quick cruise through Adventure Outfitters, we noticed Amelia’s still offering tons of winter garments and Valentine’s Day gear! Choose from 7 different layered looks to help brave the cold, as well as 5 V-Day surprises to make your Poptropican feel festive. Visit the store to add this month’s lovely new additions to your wardrobe! ?


2/7 Adventure Outfitters rotation - 1 of 42/7 Adventure Outfitters rotation - 2 of 42/7 Adventure Outfitters rotation - 3 of 42/7 Adventure Outfitters rotation - 4 of 4Adventure Outfitters February display - leftAdventure Outfitters February display - right


Moving onto Poptropica’s infamous sky pirate! Heads up, Poptropicans – the Baron’s setting sail tomorrow! If you haven’t already browsed through the Airship’s pop up shop, be sure to stop by the Baron’s Cabin of Curiosities before the Airship departs from Home Island.


The Baron’s bounty for the month includes “The Rockette” free costume and PoptropiCon themed clubhouse décor. Shop for an Omegon Mask (200 credits), convention poster (50 credits), Pony Bros poster (50 credits), and Glass Display Case to house your Mighty Action Force figurines (200 credits)! Last but not least, the Baron’s also offering 2 new toys: the Dino and Astronaut Plushies (300 credits each). ?


February Gear in the Baron's Cabin of CuriositiesFebruary's Free Costume - Available in the Airship's Cabin of Curiosities


If you’re in need of credits, play the Clear the Skies minigame on the Airship’s flight deck. Each time you complete the game, you’ll earn 50 credits. Stock up on credits and splurge on the Baron’s monthly treasures!


Poptropicon Player Challenge Prompts


Also, don’t forget about the ongoing PoptropiCon Challenges! You can choose between 2 different challenges or enter both! Everyone that enters has the chance to win free credit rewards. All Challenge submissions will be posted for other players to see your work and allow you to find like-minded Poptropicans that enjoy the same fandoms!


The PoptropiCon Challenges have been extended to Friday, February 11th, at 8pm PST (9pm MST, 10pm CST, 11pm EST)!


To recap:


  • Option 1: Design your own Mighty Action Force trading card!

Like the MAF game in Ep. 2: Spoiler Alert, your first challenge is to create your very own game card. You can design a trading card for you Popsona, a superhero, or just about any other fictional character! Print out the blank template or save it digitally to get started. You can make your card as simple or detailed as you want! Draw a picture of your inspiration and add extra details like power levels, slogans, or stats. When you’re finished, enter a picture of your card creation through the submissions page.


PoptropiCon 2 - Mighty Action Force Trading Card Game Template



  • Option 2: Design your dream cosplay outfit!

In the spirit of PoptropiCon’s cosplay traditions, imagine your favorite character’s costume that you’d LOVE to wear! Have one in mind? Recreate your dream cosplay outfit by scouring your costume closet for the perfect outfit pieces OR by drawing your ideal costume! Once the finishing touches are added to your dream outfit, send in a screenshot or picture of your design through the submissions page?‍♂️


That’s a wrap for update! If you have any comments/questions, share them below! If you have a question, chances are that you’re not the only one wondering the same thing. Have a great day and an even better week! ?