Thursday, February 24, 2022

Secret of the Jade Scarab Island: My Opinion So Far (by Little Bubbles) ?

The final Dream Island, Secret of the Jade Scarab Island, created by Girl Power, is coming soon to a Poptropica near us. It's gonna be mysterious and historical with a dash of fun. Girl Power has created an amazing Egyptian-themed Dream Island. From the two sneak peeks I've seen, I can tell how fun this is going to be.


The first sneak peek showed us a cat. In fact, this cat has glowing green eyes and shiny golden accessories. And one of the backgrounds behind the cat definitely gives me an Arabian Nights kind of vibe. This made me have a lot of questions about how this cat ties into the story.


The second sneak peek showed us a few concepts of the cat I mentioned before its final design. This cat had earrings as well as the other golden accessories currently in the final design. Then, I thought maybe the cat belongs to somebody powerful? Possibly, Secret of the Jade Scarab Island's villain?


In conclusion, by the two sneak peeks I've seen, I say Girl Power really outdid themself when they created this island. One day, I hope to see them and congratulate them for making an amazing island. Although it may be the last Dream Island, it certainly won't be the least impressive! Congrats, Girl Power! I hope you enjoyed your membership!


- Little Bubbles ✨

markleonFebruary 24, 2022 pm28 1:40 pm

my costume submission wasnt there on the submission video

February 24, 2022 pm28 2:58 pm

Sorry about that! It seems that some players have had some trouble submitting their designs. If you could, please resubmit your costume entries one at a time and they will be included in the next video! Thank you :)