Monday, February 28, 2022

Pop Libs: Fill in the Blanks to Make Your Own Unique Short Story!

Here’s another fun, free activity to try! Put your vocab to the test with a mad libs-inspired fill in the blank story! Play with a friend or complete the activity by yourself!


Without looking at the passage, think of wacky and random words to fill in the numbered parts of speech. Whichever way you prefer to play, use the list to jot down your answers or write them directly in the story’s spaces. After you’ve come up with the 27 different words, plug in your responses. Follow along to read the finished product!


Fill in the Blank Activity


There are millions of combinations that can be made! How’d yours turn out? Silly? Weird? Realistic? Did it make sense? Share your unique short stories with other players in the comments below! ??

Young LeopardMarch 1, 2022 pm31 5:06 pm

Finished mine!

Hamburger StomperMarch 3, 2022 pm31 7:42 pm


It was an exciting Friday morning in Poptropica. I was surprised for my next adventure! I grabbed my hat and rushed out of the clubhouse. Immediately, I saw the rabbit leaving mainstreet. How was I going to get to 24 CARROT now?!
All of a sudden spotted Dr.Hare leaving the factory. They are throwing twenty-four carrot.i waved my hand to get attention.
'' Hey! Can you hear me? I'm so frightened! '' I said.
'' Sure, Why not? '' They replied, '' I'm headed that way anyway. We can take my bike.''
I couldn't believe my eyes! I felt successful. Happily, I thank them and together, we set off.The journey was unrealistic, but fun.
Luckily, we arrived with plenty of carrot to spare. i asked my friend for their help. They smiled at me before continuing on their trip. Now i could finally start my adventure. Nothing will stop me from winning that medallion!