Thursday, January 6, 2022

Clubhouse Crawl: Exploring Spotted Star's Clubhouse! 🌟

Today, we’re popping into another player’s clubhouse for a look around! Shoutout to Spotted Star for welcoming us into their dreamy clubhouse – it’s magnificent! Before we head inside, let’s all give this Poptropican a big round of applause. Thanks for having us! 👏


Spotted Star's Clubhouse


Right off the bat, there’s tons to take in around here! It’s always a treat seeing clubhouses decorated with gear released in shop updates from months and even years ago! Feels like it’s been a hot minute since we’ve seen the lil mushroom item and the adorable animal gear. Spotted Star, you’ve a great blend of older and new items around your cottage!


Take a closer look at the second floor. The second level from the bottom looks like it’s completely dedicated to their furry friends! An owl, armadillo, squirrel, woodpecker, jackrabbit – oh my! And did anyone else notice the fox sneaking around guarding Spotted Star’s sandwich? You might want to keep a close eye on your lunch. 😉


What’s your favorite decoration from Spotted Star’s charming cottage? Thanks again for being a part of the Clubhouse Crawl across Poptropica! You’ve got quite the eye for design. Great job turning your clubhouse into a clubhome! 🏡✨



If you’d like your clubhouse to be the next stop on our crawl across Poptropica, here’s how you can get involved!

  • For a quicker way to join the crawl, you can create your own tour for your fellow players! Show us around your clubhouse and break it down in your own words! Use the submissions page to share your tour with us. Be sure to include your username, Poptropican’s nickname, and any photo(s) of your cottage that you'd like to see posted.
  • If you don’t want to write your own, you're definitely still able to participate! Use the submissions page to send in the same info above. However, please note that it may take longer to see your clubhouse on the blog without a self-written tour.


Shifty PawJanuary 6, 2022 pm31 9:58 pm

So the customiser has changed again, why?
The old, original poptropica was way better, sorry but that's what most of us think. Can you guys please make poptropica a bit more of what it used to be?

Young RiderJanuary 11, 2022 pm31 8:23 pm

Shifty Paw, the Creators have got a lot in their hands. They're currently converting old islands, releasing new shop items, creating new island as well as mini-quests, etc. . Will you please give them some time so they can include your request in their to-dos as well?

Young RiderJanuary 11, 2022 pm31 8:29 pm

Oh, and I really like the gumball machine, Spotted Star!!