Friday, December 3, 2021

Take a peek into November's costume contest player submission reel!

Speaking of fan art, you can now find the entirety of November’s costume contest submissions in our latest Youtube video! Take a look and find your design in the mix! Which costumes are your favorites out of the bunch?



If you didn’t already know, Poptropica hosts a new round of costume contests every month! This is your chance to get your costume idea and art design in the game – winners will become a part of Poptropica history! As a bonus, all players will have the opportunity to add the winning costumes to their inventory for free. Find out more about our monthly costume contests here and here!


You can find the free outfits in the Baron’s Airship whenever the vessel makes a reappearance on Home Island! The Baron’s Airship typically returns at the start of each month and includes a special pop up shop on board – the Cabin of Curiosities. Visit the sky pirate during her stay while you’re at it, check out the Cabin to scour its shelves for popular past items, costumes, and clubhouse gear!


December's Baron and the Airship


Right now, the Baron’s been sighted around Home Island. But she won’t be hanging around for long! Hurry to shop aboard the Airship to catch the festive Grapple-Pap accessories and the free Dr. Hare outfit. This month’s offerings include 3 additional free costumes: the Love Potion Demon, Movie Geek, Ice Cream Cat outfits! You can also find the Grapple-Garb outfit, Grapple-totem, stained glass chandelier, mistletoe garland, and a Grapple-bust statue in the cabin. Don’t miss out on the Baron’s bounty!


November's contest winner in the Cabin of CuriositiesIce Cream Cat, Movie Geek, and Grapple statue in the Cabin of CuriositiesLove Potion Demon, Grapple-Garb mask, chandelier, and Grapple-totem in the Cabin of Curiosities


lifyuDecember 24, 2021 am31 9:45 am

shoes too! love potion boots!