Monday, December 27, 2021

Store Update: Adventure Outfitters' last inventory drop of 2021! 🛍🎉

Alas, ‘tis the last Monday and store update of 2021! This year, Adventure Outfitters has seen quite the variety of costume attire, pet wear, and clubhouse decorations! But there’s plenty more planned for 2022 – don’t forget to stop by Home Island’s shop every Monday for new gear!


With that, let’s check out Amelia’s offerings for this week!


12/27 Adventure Outfitters store update - 112/27 Adventure Outfitters store update - 212/27 Adventure Outfitters store update - 312/27 Adventure Outfitters store update - 4


The latest inventory drops have added a brand new holiday outfit, as well as a couple of trendy costumes that you might remember from earlier in the year – and they’re available to all players!


First up: Reindeer Ready (200 credits). Try on the Reindeer Ready costume’s antlers and cozy green sweater, before joining the ranks of Santa’s flying friends for sleigh duty!


As for the returning outfits, all players can snag the Neon Rockstar, Warm Vibes, and Pumpkin Pleasure costumes for 250 credits each! Experiment with the Neon Rockstar’s bright green biker jacket to create your own showstopping outfit for any of your adventures. If you’re looking for something a little more lowkey, the Warm Vibes and Pumpkin Pleasure costumes might be right up your alley. Stay cute and comfy while vibing in the maroon hoodie or opt for Pumpkin Pleasure’s classic rainbow tee, dark wash jeans, and high ponytail.


The gear displays on the far left and right of the shop also house more from this month’s winter wear! If you haven’t already purchased your Snowman, Tangled ‘N Lights, Candy Cane suits, or the festive clubhouse decorations, this week might be your last chance!


12/27 Adventure Outfitters store update - left12/27 Adventure Outfitters store update - right



On another note, all of the submissions from December’s costume contest can be seen in our most recent Youtube video! Check out the awesome costume designs created by people in the Pop community – let’s give all the costume creators a big hand for their amazing work! 👏👏👏


Golden HorseDecember 27, 2021 pm31 2:47 pm

I love seeing everyone's different costumes! Congratulations to the winner!

Hyper LightningDecember 27, 2021 pm31 5:22 pm

I love the hard work everyone GREAT JOB!

Hyper LightningDecember 27, 2021 pm31 5:24 pm

GREAT JOB everyone!

Shifty PawDecember 27, 2021 pm31 7:51 pm

In 2022, could we have some old costumes back plz?
I find that the store will be bettter if the old costumes are back.
Or what if we could have another store that was the same as the original store, because I’m sure a lot of poptropicans miss it.
If the inventory is going to change again, could it be the old one, where you have the cards floating in a line with whatever island your on in the background?
I’m looking forward to 2022 because even more of the old islands will be back!
But thank you for another year poptropica, you have worked really hard!

anonymous December 28, 2021 am31 9:30 am

I agree with everything you said. I’m glad to know someone else misses old Poptropica as much as I do.

Pink CrushDecember 28, 2021 pm31 1:46 pm

Since the new year is coming, I think that for 2022, it would be great to have pop tropics as great as it was long ago ( not that it isn't great now ) or to make poptropica better. Every year, a contest should be held to select at least 2 islands that people come up with to be featured in the game. But also, every start of the year, another contest should be held to vote which old islands should come back. ( Also can any players that was around for the old islands tell me how many islands were there in total) Players would vote out of all of the old islands of poptropica and vote at least 1 or 2, ( probably one ) on which island should come back. Whichever island gets the most votes is the island that will come back to stay on the game and be free for all players

anonymous December 28, 2021 pm31 2:59 pm


I love your idea and people like you and Shifty Paw are awesome. I appreciate the fact that some people still want old Pop back.