Friday, December 17, 2021

Highlights: Your Poptropi-TikToks and fan art galore! 🤩🤩

We’ve seen a bunch of entertaining Poptropica content and chatter recently! You’ve have been on a roll! No time to waste, let’s get right into some of the community’s creations!


Here are a handful of our favorites, starting off with TikTok:


TikToker @poptropisland posted a video showing the bottle item cards from PoptropiCon, as seen on the Pop Wiki page. Amazingly, they cut to a ceramic replica of the bottles. Label details, logo, and all! Awesome job, @poptropisland! How'd it turn out? 👀



Poptropica: Ceramic Soda Bottle

♬ Ceramics - Zouri


Next up, @romogogo’s take on some of Pop’s most iconic characters is absolutely stellar. Dr. Hare, Hades, Betty Jetty, Shark Guy, and Goth Girl are among the vivid redesigns! It’s trippy in the best way possible! 




Poptropica… ##artistsoftiktok ##digitalart ##poptropica ##poptropicafanart ##art ##procreate

♬ With You - Jessica Simpson


@jackoluckisntnormal has been sharing some outstanding Poptropicontent, using their own art and sketches of characters (especially villains)! In this clip, Dr. Hare and Binary Bard conspiring against the Baron. JUST LOOK AT THE BARON’S EXPRESSION. You can almost hear the maniacal laughter. Pop over to their profile to see the rest of their fun videos. Keep up the great work, @jackoluckisntnormal!



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♬ Whats Up Baby - Haru Summer


On TikTok and over on Twitter, there’s also been a bunch of older veteran players -- teenagers and college students now – documenting their return to the islands, looking for a nostalgia or a distraction from finals. (Not to mention, the tons of TikToks referencing Pop with the trending “Back in the Day" soundbite.)



Thank you poptropica I love you 🥰

♬ original sound - lizzo

she’s playing poptropica and sits like this every night on her giant iPad ##JBLGreekOut ##CustomersMostLoved

♬ original sound - your worst nightmare

Poptropica gonna make me popflopica all my exams (##pun) ##fyp ##foryou ##poptropica ##exams ##finalsweek ##notredame



Relatable? Very, no matter what age/grade you are. You got this, veteran players! We're cheering you on. 


Onto Instagram!


Lucky Joker (@howdyitslj) shared a few different pieces recently! One in particular is incredibly special – it’s the entirety of the PHB team in a family style portrait! Round of applause for the great pic and the PHB!


The PHB Team by @howdyitslj


They also posted their realistic portrayal of Reality TV Island’s cast. What a transformation! Their redesign has a cool and edgy look to it. We love to see it! You can find more exceptional art on their Instagram, @howdyitslj!


Reality TV cast by @howdyitslj


@happyclonetrooper shared their 2021 art summary, which is full of Maroon Ring (their Poptropican) and other game-related content! It looks like it’s been a fantastic year for Maroon Ring and Co., especially paired with their hilarious spin on memes. Check out all of this player's art, edits, and memes on their Instagram page linked above!


@happyclonetrooper's 2021 Art Summary


And just today, @bunnies_n_bowties posted a lovely pic of a medallion-wearing player looking off into the distance from a helicopter. In the sunset, there’s even the famous yellow blimp and the silhouette of Balloon boy! And of course, the pink sunset. There are no words that will do it justice, take a look at its beauty for yourself! 


@bunnies_n_bowties' sunset art


And for our final highlight, shoutout to Sleepy Biker for submitting fan art, featuring some of our Zazzle merchandise! Catch Dr. Hare serving looks in the “Funny Bunny” baseball hat, Rumpelstiltskin wearing his own inspired glasses, and Edgar (from Monster Carnival) decked out in his own Ringmaster Raven tee! 10/10 all around, Sleepy Biker!  


Characters wearing Pop merch - by Sleepy Biker


That wraps up this round of player highlights! Thank you to the players mentioned above, as well as the entire Pop community for creating and tagging/sharing your art and TikToks with us. Show these players some love! You’re such a talented bunch, it never fails to awe.

Shifty pawDecember 18, 2021 pm31 6:10 pm

The art is amazing. It has a lot of detail. Although I have been playing for around seven years, I'm actually not that old.
The "Good old days" were so fun because of all the islands. Hopefully Poptropica can become best again.

Shifty PawDecember 19, 2021 pm31 10:26 pm

Could we get legendary swords back soon? That would be cool.

anonymousDecember 20, 2021 am31 8:50 am

I have a request. Although I am a member, my best friend Hallie isn't. A few years ago, Poptropica would switch out the store and clubhouse items that are members-only. However, these days, it seems that anything that is members-only stays members only. Don't you think it's only fair that they get switched out? Thank you, and please give us some news on the old islands. We've been asking for years now.

anonymous December 20, 2021 pm31 1:01 pm

Omg who are you that keeps posting with my name. It’s confusing