Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Cheer up! Grapple-Pap is here for all who are near! 🥳✨

Grap-pap, hooray! The Grapple-Gift side quest is now live for all players! This calls for a celebration, Poptropicans. Get your Grapple-Garb getups and get going! 🎊 


Grapple-Gift side quest is now available!


Journey to a faraway island’s charming village to help a brother deliver a thoughtful gift to his sister, Clareta. The second you step off the blimp, you’re launched into Mainstreet’s holiday festival. Grapple-Pap is in full swing on the island! Spurred by the threats of a sinister legend, the citizens are beacons of joy and happiness. As the saying goes, “If you don’t spread cheer to all who are near, Grapple-Pap will get you for one whole year!”


Grapple-Gift side quest: intro pop up


Learn about the holiday and monstrous being that share the Grapple-Pap name and the island’s unique culture. Complete the Grapple-Gift side quest to be rewarded with credit prizes and a special treat to help you spread cheer!


Do the Grapple-Pap legends sound familiar to you? What similarities do real-world holidays and traditions share with the side quest? You may be surprised to know that the ideas behind Grapple-Pap are based in other cultures' celebrations! 🤔

Chilly ShadowDecember 14, 2021 pm31 1:05 pm

I remember this from last year. Thanks Clareta for giving me the annual heart attack
I never see it coming :/

Golden HorseDecember 14, 2021 pm31 2:42 pm

LOL, so true!!!

Golden HorseDecember 14, 2021 pm31 2:43 pm

Where can I get my own grapple-pap costume? There isn't any store on the island and we don't have the customizer anymore.

Pink CrushDecember 14, 2021 pm31 8:16 pm

I think you can get the grapple-pap costume at the Baron's ship. When you go in the store, walk around, and you should see the costume available.

Pink CrushDecember 14, 2021 pm31 5:33 pm

When you activate the grapple-pop, when they launch and hit other poptropicans, like in common rooms, do they see the green face on them, or can you only see it on your screen and the other person can't see it

Fierce Heart December 15, 2021 pm31 8:08 pm

Happy Grapple Pap everyone! I dont know about you, but I sure loved this side quest! Happy Holidays!

Messy StormDecember 16, 2021 pm31 1:04 pm

I was really happy to see the old animations of the npcs! I really don't like the new weird faded animation of the npcs cus they look so fake. The old style make the npcs look more alive and I'm really glad to see that. The grapple pap world is also really beautiful with the tiny details of grapple pap's sled and drawing and I wasn't dissapointed in the least!