Friday, November 5, 2021

Pop Culture: Upcoming releases and highlighting special Poptropi-TikToks!

Hey y’all, happy Friday! Whew, what a week! Mission Atlantis: Into the Deep dropped onto the map. Hopefully you enjoyed jumping “Into the Deep” end of the adventure with Episode 1! If you haven’t dived deep into the abyss, water you waiting for?


Perhaps you’re wondering about the status of the following episodes to the available islands? If that’s the case, worry naut. As an update, several episodic islands from the map currently have their subsequent installments in development as we speak. The chapters will pick up right where the story left off! Although we cannot go into detail just yet, the entire team is excited to share the endeavor with you! Get hyped, Poptropicans! Any guesses what might be next? 


Not only that, Goofball Island, the second dream island contest winner, is also headed your way! Do you think you’re ready to goof off in Goofball? If you’re not sure, that might be a sign that you want to take the goofiness to the next level. What do you imagine when you think of Goofball Island? Do you think you'd fit in with the whackiest islanders in all of Poptropica?



In other news, we’ve been seeing a bunch of Poptropica-themed TikToks on our feeds that we thought Poptropicans everywhere can enjoy! Can you relate to these videos? Here are a few videos to get into the Friday fun!


First up, a few months ago @muppetseance posted a clip cosplaying Octavian from Mystery of the Map. Gotta say, their Octavian portrayal is SPOT ON! Major props to them for their perfect execution. Is anyone else suddenly in the mood to read Mystery of the Map? 🤔



mfw they miss their wife :-( #poptropica #poptropicacosplay #octaviancosplay

♬ nobody by mitski - have a nice day <3


Next, @karenlarkin15’s reaction to being voted off of Reality TV island captures the devastation we all felt. The sound transitions from utter disbelief to screaming in anger in seconds. If that doesn’t sum up the Reality TV experience, what does?



it used to take me HOURS to finish that island bc i always got voted off omg #poptropica #fyp #foryou #throwback #foryoupage

♬ Fortnite took over - quitting


Also, the new account @randompoptropica has been posting some entertaining clips of randomized Popsona looks, complete with origin stories and quirky habits. Their first curated character is Lone Drummer, a blue haired Poptropican with a crooked smile. Another @randompoptropica customization features Dangerous Sinker, a tenacious Girl Scout that’s not afraid of a challenge. But only if it comes with a badge of victory. 



#poptropica #fyp #foryoupage

♬ original sound - poptropica !!

##poptropica ##fyp ##foryoupage ##viral

♬ original sound - poptropica !!


If you’re a Mythology lover, this one’s for you. After playing Mythology Island, @kpizz__ channels the power of the five infinity stones while being taught Greek mythology in school. At first, Percy Jackson readers think they’re top dog, the kids that played Mythology Island are the true wielders of knowledge. The struggle between Percy Jackson and Mythology Island fans is REAL.



Best Island u can even @ me #foryou #issavibe #YouOwnIt #poptropica #childhood #memories #fyp #meme

♬ original sound - Tik Toker


Last but not least, @chumpi3_rawr_xd puts a Poptropica spin on the “My Only Home” trend. In a slideshow of memorable scenes from Home Island, 24 Carrot, Pelican Rock, Mythology, and Time Tangled, this TikTok echoes our own sentiments about the comfort and nostalgia Poptropica offers.



#greenscreen hopefully this brought back some memories 🥺 #poptropica #poptropicafan #JingleJangleWithMe #gaming #game #nostalgia

♬ original sound - scott


These are just a few of the awesome Poptropi-TikToks out there! If you’ve seen (or made!!) some fun videos, send them our way or tag us in 'em! Stay tuned for more upcoming spotlights to see what’s next in the lineup. Don't forget to pop off in the comments, y'all! Share your reactions to the updates, which TikToks are your favorite, and any recommendations for other videos we should showcase in the future!


See ya next time, stay poppin'!

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