Friday, November 19, 2021

Last call for November’s costume contest! ⏰🎨

Today is the final day to submit your costume designs for November! Don’t miss out on this month’s contest and your chance to see your outfit design come to life IN THE GAME!


Finalize your designs and enter them into the contest using the submissions page by 8pm PST. For more information about Poptropica’s monthly costume contests, check out the latest posts detailing guidelines and tips, as well as previous months’ design submissions!


As another reminder, the Goofy Clubhouse Challenge continues through the weekend! After completing your costume designs, join in on the next fun challenge! Deck your clubhouse out in the goofiest gear you can find! Put furniture in unexpected places, combine odd pairings, and just have fun with it! After you’re finished with your clubhouse goof-ication, send us a video or photo of your custom clubhouse through the submissions page. Or, if you prefer, send in your username for us to personally check out your space!


Goofy Clubhouse Challenge


One last thing… If you haven’t visited Goofball Island, what are you waiting for?! Goofball’s abnormal adventures take weird to a whole new level! Will you become the hero to save Goofball Island from a dull destiny? Get to the bottom of Dr. Blandston’s bonkers plot to blandify Goofball’s colorful character before the island becomes a boring shell of its former self. 


And if you’ve already completed the newest island, did you play with the sound on? Goofball’s musical journey is one of a kind – experience Goofball’s Island to the fullest by making sure your sound is on. 🔊


That’s all for this update! Best of luck, Poptropicans, and get your goof on! 🤪

AarushiNovember 20, 2021 am30 3:16 am

When will we see if we won or not. Even though I didn’t win , I wanted to know!😃😃😃

anonNovember 22, 2021 am30 9:06 am

Wouldn't it be cool if 'PST' stood for Poptropica Standard Time ?? :)