Tuesday, October 12, 2021

New store update: Red October’s costume-ary Halloween additions continue! ??

This week’s inventory update has some wicked surprises beheaded your way! Get your freak on and get ready to frighten with the newest spine-chilling clubhouse items and Halloween costumes. Let’s start with the clubhouse gear, shall we?


Halloween clubhouse items


Treat yourself to a clubhouse revamp with these devilishly good décor items! Turn your cottage into a creepy clubhouse with the Coffin (250 credits), Tombstone (250 credits), Candle Holder (250 credits), Ghost (75 credits), and Bat (75 credits) decorations. If that doesn’t bat-isfy you, consider adding the Scary Plaque (75 credits), Dr. Jekyll portrait (250 credits), and the Bride of Frankenstein portrait (250 credits) to your walls! Legend has it, the portraits’ eyes follow the movements of any nearby Poptropicans. ?


Next up, costumes!


Adventure Outfitters 1Adventure Outfitters 2Adventure Outfitters 3Adventure Outfitters 4


Adventure Outfitters’ Halloween costume releases continue with the Headless Man (250 credits) and Egyptian Mummy costumes (members only, 250 credits)If you think these outfits look familiar, you know your Pop culture! These eerie looks are a revival from Poptropica’s previous Halloween celebrations that have reappeared to relive their past.


That’s all for this week, Poptropicans! How are you going to incorporate the new inventory items into your customized creations? Between the Baron’s free costumes and Amelia’s outstanding outfits, which Halloween costumes are your favorites so far? Keep an eye out for more store updates coming next week and throughout the entirety of Red October!



Happy BubblesOctober 13, 2021 pm31 12:46 pm

Finally, I can decorate my clubhouse the way I want to! Thanks!