Friday, October 22, 2021

The Baron's Crusade - A Full Guide, Playthrough, and Hidden Easter Egg Reveal!

Have you played the Baron’s Crusade yet? The new side quest focusing on Poptropica’s most notorious sky pirate was released earlier this week for all players! Here’s a recap of the Baron’s Crusade for those of you that’ve already completed it!



Immediately after landing on Home Island, the Baron’s reveal she has a special job for you. Meet her in the Cabin of Curiosities to learn more! Once in the Cabin, the Baron redirects you to a trapdoor in the floorboards. While you may have noticed it before, this is the first time she’s allowed us to see her private living quarters!


Inside her home, the Baron’s busily studying heaps of maps. She reveals that Ack, her loyal first mate, has finally located an ancient treasure that she’s been hunting for. Although “Ack is very capable,” the Baron still needs “someone with a strong arm.” That’s where you come in!


The Baron only reveals one crucial piece of information before refusing any further questions. The place she’s taking us isn’t on the map.We’re headed for uncharted territories!


The Baron's Crusade - quest objective


After accepting her quest, you’re off! You’re whisked away to a mysterious beach, with Ack shoveling the dig site as fast as he can.You can explore the beach and the areas with shallow water to the left. Headed towards the left, you may notice a few peculiar objects. First, you might encounter a floating orb rising from the deep darkness of the water. Do you recognize the figure? If you don’t encounter the floating object, try swimming back and forth in the shallow waters.


Keep paddling left and you can just make out a familiar island on the horizon! A massive skull marks the isle… Where have we seen this before?! As you reach the left boundary, you’ll come across one final item – a shipwreck. Now, what could this be? Is this just another boat that’s fallen victim to the ocean, or have we encountered this before? What do you think the shipwreck could be?


Mysterious landmarks among the uncharted waters


With that, it’s time to head back to shore. Tread up the hill to reach the tunnel entrance Ack’s been working on. Now, you and the Baron can begin your descent underground. Inside, the structure is far more complex than the outside let on. Clicking on the Baron prompts her hint, that “Old Captain Crawfish hid some treasure down here somewhere.” Jump across the different levels to reach the right side of the cavern. But beware! Whoever designed this cave has booby-trapped it! Avoid the poison darts shooting from the walls as you and the Baron make your way down.


Once in the water, there’s a submerged lever just out of reach. Swim left until you see an accessible lever and pull! As the water level decreases, head back to the first level to activate it.


Swim left once again; this time, a hidden passage is revealed! Head through the passageway until you reach a baffling puzzle concealing a vault, complete with gears, symbols, and a panel of open holes. The Baron will take it from here! She instructs us to take the wrench and whack any guards that might come through the dark holes. Hold the figures off until the Baron can unlock the vault!


You're on whacking duty, while the Baron solves the puzzle


Suddenly, bright green skeletons begin to climb out of the inconspicuous holes. This was NOT what we were expecting. Use the wrench to clobber the skeletons! Be sure to move back and forth between the holes. The skeletons must begin to climb out of their hole for you to hit them! Keep the intruding creatures away until the Baron’s able to solve the puzzle. Don’t let the skeletons get too close, or you’ll have to start over! ?


Skeletons guarding the treasure


In the nick of time, the Baron pulls through – she’s done it! The skeletons retreat and the vault door slides open. Inside, there are heaps upon heaps of treasure. Seemingly out of place, Captain Crawfish’s distinct eyepatch and hat are perched atop the treasure. As a reward for your help, the Baron generously offers you 500 credits and a pirate costume! With that, the quest is complete?


The Baron's Crusade quest is complete!


Back in the Baron’s living quarters, you can learn more about the mysterious sky pirate. Apparently, she and Ack live on the Airship year-round and her treasure hunting skills are only put to use when she’s in the mood for adventure. Exhausted, the Baron admits she had a crew once. But, when you’ve been in the game as long as her, you “find trust is hard to come by.”


With that, the Baron’s back to studying her maps and we’re left to take a look around. Under a regal painting of the Baron and Ack, a glowing chest of bones transports you to a practice round of the skeleton game! Each successful round of fending off the skeletons awards 50 credits.


Just below, the Baron has several items we can take a closer look at. The first is a map, titled “Where Is the Golden City?” There’s a handful of ports circled and labeled, but none appear to be the right one. Below the map, there’s a photo of the Baron and Ack hanging out of a window in the bank, joyfully showering local Poptropicans with cash! What in tarnation could be the story behind this?!


Where is the Golden City?The Baron and Ack showering Poptropicans with money



If you have a keen eye, you might’ve noticed that the bookshelves prompt you to read through the Baron’s book collection. “Lost Cities of Poptropica,” “Grappling with Grapple-Pap,” and “Into the Maw of Glowbhax: In Search of the Island Devourer” are among the first to catch your eye. The Baron’s obsessed with Poptropica’s legends. Not myths though, she’s not a fan of those. ?


Into the Maw of Glowbhax: In Search of the Island Devourer


To the right, Ack is fast asleep. You can click on Ack’s litter box, prompting your Poptropican to get super grossed out. On the wall, click to enlarge the most adorable picture ever! Ack’s drawing shows him holding the Baron’s hand, with a large heart surrounding the two. ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS! ?


Ack's drawing of the Baron and Ack


Just when it seems that we’ve seen all we can, from the ladder back to the Airship’s shop, a glimmer catches your eye – click on the box on top of the Baron’s wardrobe. Inside the box is a unicorn plushie and a broken picture frame displaying an old newspaper. The front page shows AMELIA AND THE BARON (of all people), smiling and embracing each other, beneath the headline “Local Adventurers Save Island!” The two look delighted together! What does this mean? What could have happened between them in the past?! 


The Baron and Amelia pictured together - "Local Adventurers Save the Island"


Underneath the wardrobe, one final item deepens the mystery. The Baron’s stowing Captain Crawfish’s costume beside her bath! Where did she get the outfit from? Why does she have it?


Captain Crawfish's costume




WOW. In just one quest, it seems that everything we thought we knew about the Baron has turned upside down. What possible explanation could there be for the Baron’s friendship with Amelia and her former adventurer status? What’s so special about the Golden City? Why does the Baron have Captain Crawfish’s costume? Do you have any thoughts about what the mementos in the Baron’s cabin might be?


Last but certainly not least, what did you think of the Baron’s Crusade side quest? Share your ideas and explanations to any and all of these questions in the comments! With so much information, we have to put our heads together for this one!




Chilly ShadowOctober 22, 2021 pm31 7:43 pm

Ack's drawing broke my stupid heart

Small foot October 22, 2021 pm31 8:27 pm


Poptropica PlayerOctober 22, 2021 pm31 10:37 pm

I mean this respectfully, but we also have mysteries from Amelia's mini-quest and Rumpel's mini-quest. Don't you think it would be wiser to answer mysteries from previous mini-quests before making new ones?
Also, in almost all the mini-quests, it has some connections to classic Poptropica. That's good and all, but may we please, please, PLEASE have some news on them? I'm a veteran player and I really wish for you to tell us whether or not you're bringing them back. I mean, with all due respect, how hard is it to just tell us what's happening with them?

Shifty pawOctober 23, 2021 am31 6:40 am

Thanks for not making the baron an animation the whole time.
It was also nice to see skullduggery in the background.
Hopefully, we will soon have no animations at all when the old islands are back.
Could we also have realms back? And some News on the old islands?

Yara JonesNovember 17, 2021 pm30 5:30 pm

what are "realms"?!?

i have only a few months of experience and i am new

LilysInMaySeptember 2, 2022 am30 10:29 am

Realms Were Basically Custom Hangouts Across Poptropica, They Were Added In..... 2018? I Cant Remember, But It Was Removed When Flash Retired And The Islands Got Subtracted, Which Was Around 2020.

AnonymousOctober 23, 2021 am31 9:04 am

I think the side quest was pretty good. However, it would have been better as an island, expanding on the history and legends of Poptropica, helping the Baron (and Ack) discover these said legends.

Happy LizardOctober 25, 2021 am31 8:16 am

Excuse me, can you please fix a bug on PoptropiCon where the characters won't show up in the costumizer?

October 25, 2021 pm31 2:16 pm

Sorry to hear that! To resolve the issue, please use the Contact Us page to report the bug you're experiencing. Thanks! :-)

AnonymousOctober 25, 2021 am31 8:17 am

pls pls pls old stuff back

whateverOctober 26, 2021 pm31 5:29 pm

I just want old stuff. Is that too much to ask??

bryanJuly 5, 2022 pm31 4:52 pm

i love it

natalie grace watrousJuly 5, 2022 pm31 6:13 pm

I was very happy to see the baron.I am new to this game and I had never really done a side quest before...