Friday, September 10, 2021

Horsin' around with My Little Pony! ✨🐴🌈

Ponies are taking over Poptropica! As the release of My Little Pony on Netflix approaches, the pony posse has taken a detour to our islands. The pressure of being in the spotlight must be NEIGHING on them, because they’re here to SADDLE down and relax before their next big premier. Use the map to join Sunny, Pip, and the rest of the My Little Pony crew in a fun race to the finish line! 🏇


My Little Pony on the mapSunny and Pip invite you to play!


Complete “Race to the End!” by galloping along the path to reunite with your friends beyond the meadow. Finish the race and earn three free My Little Pony themed rewards! Watch out for obstacles on the racetrack, crashing into them will hurt! If you collide with six different objects, you’ll have to start again.


"Race to the End" mini game


Congrats! You crossed the finish line! As a reward, you’ll receive the whimsical Izzy Outfit, Pip Follower, and Sunny Follower! Customize your Popsona with the long, blue mane and unicorn horn from your new Izzy Outfit and live out your fantasy!


You made it!Izzy Outfit


The new Pip and Sunny Followers each have their own hidden talents to navigate the elements! Pip the Pegasus takes to the sky to follow you wherever you go, while Sunny prefers rollerblading!


Sunny and Pip followers


It’s amazing having the My Little Pony crew around Poptropica. They fit right in! That reminds us… Does Amelia know about this?! Has she HERD about the magical creatures around Poptropica? She’s going to FLIP when she learns there's a unicorn in her backyard! Fortunately, the ponies will be sticking around for a short time before they leave on their next adventure. Trot on over and play My Little Pony’s mini game to win their colorful rewards! 🦄🦄


Maroon SealSeptember 11, 2021 pm30 12:59 pm

Yay! I am so excited for the new movie and this just made me more excited!