Friday, September 3, 2021

✨CLUBHOUSE CRAWL✨ ft. Clean Sun's clubhouse! 🧼🌞

Join us for our next leg of our Clubhouse Crawl across Poptropica as we spotlight your one-of-a-kind cottages! Our next destination is… Clean Sun’s clubhouse!


Clean Sun's clubhouse - entrance


First impressions: Clean Sun’s certainly knows how to make their guests feel welcomed. Upon first entrance, it’s clear this Poptropican has some serious feng shui happening! Between the suspended rocket ship above the door and the exotic birds and plants inviting us in, it’s already gearing up to be a memorable stop on our clubhouse tour!


Clean Sun's clubhouse - left


To the left of the entrance, Clean Sun’s bedroom is on the ground floor. Their sleeping area features trendy neon lighting, a penguin plushie, books, and best of all… the refrigerator! Clean Sun takes midnight snacking very seriously. We might need to take a note out of their book and rearrange our clubhouse setups. 🍕


And just above the bedroom, the cozy entertainment area is the perfect place for Poptropicans to take a load off and lounge around on the couch.


Clean Sun's clubhouse - upper level


On the upper middle landing, Clean Sun has converted the floor into the main living room. Whether you want to climb into the hammock with a good book or sit at the table for schoolwork, the comfy living room is a one stop shop for any and all activities!


Clean Sun's clubhouse - pantry


To the upper right, Clean Sun’s clubhouse renovation includes a mouth-watering pantry, stocked full of tasty treats. It’s dessert galore! Is anyone else taking notes?! 🍰


Clean Sun's clubhouse - right


Just underneath, the bottom right floors are a charming catch-all for trinkets, decorations, and pets! A seagull, fox, armadillo, and unicorn – oh my! A clubhouse full of animals is a clubhouse full of happiness. How many birds can you spot scattered around Clean Sun’s clubhouse? 🤔🦜


What a wonderful second leg of our Clubhouse Crawl across Poptropica! We’d like to give Clean Sun a huge round of applause for decorating their poppin’ paradise! We’ll be spotlighting plenty of individual clubhouses, so if you’d like to be featured on our blog, get to decorating – yours could be next! BONUS: no submissions necessary to be featured. You never know when someone from the Creators’ Team might pop in and take a look around! 


Enjoy your weekend and stay hydrated, Poptropicans! 👋

Clean SunSeptember 3, 2021 pm30 8:10 pm

awesome review of my clubhouse and glad you enjoyed visiting it as well 😃

MillySeptember 4, 2021 pm30 1:31 pm

Looks cool!

Shifty pawSeptember 4, 2021 pm30 6:17 pm

That's nice. Though every time I try to decorate my clubhouse and come back, it's all bare, but I'll keep trying.
Also could we have news on the old islands? If they come back, can they just be normal Poptropica islands without animations? Thankyou

anonymousSeptember 5, 2021 pm30 12:51 pm

maybe you could do non-member's clubhouses too? just a suggestion :)