Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Cash in your credits for Adventure Outfitters' newest inventory update! 🤑

Happy Tuesday Poptropicans and welcome back! Hopefully you enjoyed the long Labor Day weekend and are ready to get back into the swing of things.


This week’s update marks the first store updates of September and Adventure Outfitters is jam-packed with visitors trying to shop around and see Amelia’s newly unveiled clubhouse! If you haven’t accepted Amelia’s invitation to afternoon tea, you’re missing out. Swing by Adventure Outfitters and prepare to be astounded by the store’s second floor and Amelia’s private quarters! 👀


But before we jump into the store update, make sure to sign in and play J-Team's dance challenge! Copy Jojo Siwa's darling dance moves to claim two FREE J-Team rewards! 


J-Team dance challenge


After you win, add some pizzazz to your Popsona’s clothing collection and customize the J-Team Competition Outfit and Sparkle Power microphone to fit your look!


J-Team Free Rewards


Now, onto this week’s HUGE inventory update! 🛍🛍🛍


Store Rotation 1Store Rotation 2Store Rotation 3Store Rotation 4


This week, the store dropped three brand new couture costumes for members: the Oversized Polo, Navy Cardi, and Cool Denim outfits (available for 200 credits each)!


Oversized Polo costume


Match your Popsona with the Oversized Polo costume! Achieve an effortlessly trendy look by pairing an oversized pink polo with white shades and pink statement earrings. Too cute!


Navy Cardi costume


Or opt for the Navy Cardi costume! The ‘fit features a dark blue cardigan, slip-style skirt, and hoop earrings. This could be just the look to turn your Popsona into a back to school baddie.


Cool Denim costume


The Cool Denim costume is another fashionable ensemble that fits right in for school! Look your best and wear the costume’s denim dress and light blue handbag for an impossibly cool jean get-up! There’s no such a thing as too much denim.


Fret not if you don’t have a membership, because Adventure Outfitters also restocked some incredible costumes as well! Explore the clothes displays and find the Coolin, Biker, Natural Breeze, and Vibes costumes that are available to ALL players for 200 credits!


Left to right: Coolin, Biker, Natural Breeze, and Vibes costumes


If you’re in the mood for some redecorating, the store update also features awesome new clubhouse gear, including a Trampoline (100 credits), Butterfly (75 credits), Skateboard (200 credits), and Music Speaker (75 credits)! Members can also purchase bonus clubhouse items, like the Hanging Chair (250 credits), Study Lamp (75 credits), and LED Party Sign (200 credits). With all the new gear available, it’s the perfect time to deck out your clubhouse!


Store - leftStore - right


In addition to the this week’s store update, members were awarded their monthly gifts to kick off September’s rounds of inventory updates! Members, head to the Character tab to check out your new Scooter Rider, Squishy & Pink, and Karaoke Sparkles gifts!


Scooter Rider gift


Try out the Scooter Rider and kick back and relax as you travel through Poptropica! They see you rollin’, they hatin’.


Squishy & Pink gift


The Squishy & Pink gift is a bunny stress reliever, perfect for getting your Poptropican through the day! Makes you wonder if Dr. Hare would carrot-all about seeing one of his own as a stress reliever…


Karaoke Sparkles gift


Rounding out this month’s members’ gifts is the Karaoke Sparkles reward! Press the space bar to activate the item’s music and animated sparkles anywhere in Poptropica! Jam sesh, anyone? 🎤


If you’re interested in the members’ only perks, including monthly gifts, premier costumes, and exclusive access to upcoming releases, join in on the fun and become a Very Important Poptopican (VIP)! Read more about the VIP membership HERE!


VIP Membership


That wraps up the latest store update, friends! Enjoy this week’s enormous Adventure Outfitters’ update and stick around for next week’s store update. As always, don’t forget to drop your favorite costume or clubhouse items in the comments! ⬇️ 

mighty dolphin September 7, 2021 pm30 5:12 pm

OKAYY THESE ARE SOOOOO CUTE THOUGH wish I had a membership ://