Monday, August 23, 2021

🚨 NEW store inventory is here! 🚨

Another Monday, another exciting round of store updates in Adventure Outfitters! This week’s inventory update is a short and sweet one, so let’s pop right to it. 🛍


Store Rotation 1


Store Rotation 2


Store Rotation 3


Store Rotation 4


The store introduced a brand new costume – High Adventure! Prepare for the adventure of a lifetime with the trailblazing outfit’s aptly designed “adventure” logo hat, denim shorts, mountaineering shirt, and a layered red flannel. The High Adventure costume is available to members for 250 credits.


High Adventure Costume


Alongside the adventurous apparel, the store also recently restocked the Bookworm Kid and Fashionista Prep costumes (available for 250 credits each)! Inspired by the back-to-school season, these fabulous ‘fits are the perfect first day looks!


L: Bookworm Kid costume; R: Fashionista Prep costume


Bookworm Kid includes a friendly, toothy grin, complete with braces, casual striped tee, and brown shorts. You’ll fit right in with your classmates with these threads!


The Fashionista Prep costume features a cute side braid, unicorn shirt, and trendy plaid skirt. This outfits put a modern spin on the classic school ensemble. Out with the uniforms, in with the unicorns! 🦄✨



That concludes this week’s store update! If you haven’t copped the latest athletic wear, the store still has its Tokyo Olympics gear available for a limited time. As a reminder, August’s costume contest ends TODAY at 8pm PST. Get your designs in before the deadline for the chance to see your ideas in Poptropica! The Baron’s return is right around the corner and with her arrival, the Airship delivers some incredible costumes and clubhouse items. One of those costumes could be yours! Best of luck, y'all! 🤩💙


To find out more about the monthly costume contests, including directions, where to submit, and recent winners, click HERE!

Dangerous ShadowAugust 24, 2021 am31 8:22 am

good luck to everyone!