Monday, July 12, 2021

This Week's Store Update: Clubhouse and Costume Craze! 🛍

Howdy, Poptropicans!


Today’s store update has plenty of new goodies, especially if you’re in the market for new clubhouse gear! You can visit the clubhouse specific store via the options menu in the bottom left hand corner of your clubhouse. 


Clubhouse Store Access


This week, the clubhouse store update features a handful of new and exciting décor options!


New Clubhouse Items


Style your clubhouse with a sleek, White Dresser for a modern twist or take a more laid back approach to furnishing your home with the Storage Trunk!


White Dresser and Storage Trunk


If you’re feeling inspired by your favorite influencers and youtubers, the Selfie Ring Light with Tripod is an easy choice. Even Poptropicans can appreciate proper lighting!


Selfie Ring Light with Tripod


Or maybe you’re looking to incorporate some fun summer vibes into your house? The Pineapple Picture is a sweet addition to any room and perfect for adding a tropical feel! 🍍


Pineapple Picture


ORRR, if you prefer clubhouse gear that matches your own hobbies, the Skateboard and Mobile Phone items are right up your alley!


Skateboard and Mobile Phone


In addition to the fantastic newly released décor options, Amelia’s Adventure Outfitters store on Mainstreet also dropped some new costumes!


Rotation 1


Rotation 2


Rotation 3


Rotation 4


The new Galaxy Hoodie is a new (inter)stellar costume for space enthusiasts and fashion aficionados alike! Give yourself a cosmic costume complete with a dazzling star-covered hoodie and thick rimmed, black glasses. You’re going to look out of this world! The Galaxy Hoodie is available to members only for 150 credits.


Galaxy Hoodie with Glasses


You may recognize these other returning costumes from a previous update. But it’s the perfect season for their rerelease!


The Dangerous Waters costume showcases a shark graphic tee, boardshorts, and spiky hair resembling the easily recognizable dorsal fin characteristic of a shark. The shark inspired outfit is available for 350 credits. Watch out for something in the water… After all, Poptropica is built on many different islands. 👀🦈 


Dangerous Waters costume


Last, but certainly not least, the store update includes a members only Floral Tee costume, available for 150 credits! The outfit is perfect for a day out and about in the sun or just lounging at home. The flowery design on the graphic tee is casual, but effortlessly cute. Floral Tees and frolicking in the flower fields, anyone? 💐


Floral Tee costume



That’s it for today’s inventory update! Don’t forget to tune in next Monday for another weekly store update. What’d you think of the new costumes and clubhouse gear, Poptropicans? Let us know in the comments below! 👇 👇


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