Tuesday, July 20, 2021

The new Kamp Koral special event is underway in Poptropickini Bottom! !🍍🧽


Excited Spongebob


Have you seen the newest exclusive edition of Kamp Koral yet?


If not, water are you waiting for? Grab your jellyfish rods and get ready to set sail to Kamp Koral! Enter the special event via the map or Spongebob’s entrance on Home Island!


Spongebob Jellyfish Hunting


Poptropica's Kamp Koral


You can win three limited time items for your Popsona by playing the Spongebob themed games. Test your sea legs on the Obstacle Course or grab your nets for jellyfish hunting in Jellyfish Meadows! Or say hi to Sandy and play the arcade games with your fellow Poptropicans!


First Look at Kamp Koral


And the gang’s all here! The entire Spongebob lineup can be found all throughout Kamp Koral for the celebration. Chat with everyone, you never know who might need your help! 👀


Kamp Koral's Spongebob Pinata


Tune into Kamp Koral and collect the limited time prizes before the special event ends! ⏳🏕🌊