Tuesday, July 6, 2021

The Baron and Their Airship Has Arrived on Home Island! 🥳💙

🚨 This is not a drill, Poptropicans. I repeat, this is not a drill. 🚨


The Baron and her Airship have made landfall on Home Island today! And she did not arrive empty handed! Pop into Home Island to greet the Baron and enter the Airship to check out some awesome new features!


The Baron has arrived to Home Island!


You don’t want to miss out on this, y’all. The Baron’s Airship is only in town for a limited time, but will be returning regularly every single month! This month, the Baron will be staying a few extra days more than usual. The Baron’s first reappearance deserves an extended celebration!


Enter the Baron's Airship on Home Island's Mainstreet


Climb aboard the flying vessel, where you can interact with other players, chat, play games, and send friend requests to Poptropicans you meet on the deck! There’s even an enhanced invite option where you can invite your Poptropipals, both new and old, to your own private party room! You’re transported to a separate room where you can interact with your invitees – friends only!


Best of all, the Baron’s Cabin of Curiosities store on the Airship has an amazing collection of costumes and clubhouse decorations! In the Cabin of Curiosities, you can purchase the winning Movie Geek and Love Potion Demon costumes from June’s design contest for FREE! 🔥


Movie Geek by Bronze Eye


Love Potion Demon by Shy Ghost


The Baron has kindly included a tribute to the Poptropicans behind the designs – Bronze Eye and Shy Ghost!


Winning Costume Showcase


The Baron has plenty of other surprises as well! Past popular costumes and clubhouse decorations have reemerged from the Poptropica vault and can be found in the Cabin!


Cabin of Curiosities Inventory 1


Cabin of Curiosities Inventory 2


The Baron's Cabin is costumes galore! You can also purchase the memorable Hercules statue from Mythology Island, a bonsai tree, and a portrait of Mordred to decorate your clubhouse! Home sweet home.


Try on Binary Bard’s iconic attire. You’ll be surprised by how perfect the Bard’s ensemble transforms your Popsona into the delightful evil genius.


Binary Bard costume


Not in the mood for evil genius hijinx? Change into the Dragon costume! In Poptropica, dragon costumes are for any day! Need to return the happy endings to the people of Fairytale Island? Dragon costume. Want to solve the mystery of who’s behind the carrot thievery? Dragon costume.


Dragon costume



Maybe you’d rather wear the Cosmic Noble costume? Press spacebar to change the cosmic costume’s coloring from purple to orange! This transformation is outta this world!!


Cosmic Noble costume


Or, if you want an edgy, otherworldly outfit, try on the Cyber Hunter costume! In this costume, you’re ready to navigate the galaxy! Channel your inner futuristic, space cowboy persona through your Popsona! Between the neon accessories and face paint, no one’s going to give you trouble.


Cyber Hunter costume


We hope you’re just as excited as us about the Baron and their Airship’s arrival to Home Island! There’s a bunch of new features that allow you to collaborate and interact with other players, earn credits, and expand your wardrobe! Who knows, maybe you’ll even run into some of the Creators’ Team aboard the Baron’s Airship… 👀  😉



The Baron and their Airship will only be docked for a limited time, so tune in before it’s too late! What do you think of the latest update, Poptropicans? Let us know in the comments below! 👇

Crazy Burger July 6, 2021 pm31 5:36 pm

what makes the new Space Jam Transporter the best item ever is that you can go to any island, including the members only islands!

Invisible RingJuly 6, 2021 pm31 5:36 pm

This is Legendary! That's exactly what I think. I also think this is a very good sign that Monkey Wrench Island is coming back!

Bronze eye July 7, 2021 pm31 5:37 pm

😟 hi invisible ring I am bronze eye, huge fan I need to ask you if you could come to the Barron’s airship tomorrow morning at 8:30 so I can friend you and I can have you come to my party room when I send you the invite. Have a good day.

Golden WolfJuly 6, 2021 pm31 8:53 pm

*screams* *fangirls*

Barefoot KnuckleJuly 6, 2021 pm31 11:27 pm

I love this new addition!

Happy LizardJuly 7, 2021 am31 5:46 am

I love everything about it, except for using movieclips on Poptropicans (which is illegal to do)

anonymousJuly 8, 2021 am31 10:49 am

i really wish Poptropica would stop making the characters be all jumpy. It is SO annoying.

Shifty pawJuly 9, 2021 pm31 6:40 pm

Yeah I do miss the real Poptropicans with islands where it took a long time and were fun and took smarts. I do like the costumes that remind us of the old Poptropica, Binary Bard especially, does that mean that his islands, super villain and astro knights are coming back?

Bronze eyeJuly 7, 2021 am31 8:41 am

I love the way they did our costumes so cool

uwu kittyfurJuly 7, 2021 am31 8:51 am

[invites u to my room] oops O_O... i i swear it was nothing... senpai... [blushes]

anonymousJuly 7, 2021 am31 11:07 am

It's ok i guess

userJuly 9, 2021 pm31 4:48 pm

Conspiracy theory: Amelia and Baroness are sisters

Cheerful GamerJuly 11, 2021 pm31 3:13 pm

Poptropica the normal store is really glitchy. If possible, can you fix it, please?

JennaSeptember 9, 2021 pm30 9:04 pm

I think that they should make a goth girl.

September 10, 2021 am30 2:04 am

Gothtropica? 😏

buttJune 17, 2022 pm30 12:55 pm

Baron is gone. Will we see it again in July?

June 21, 2022 pm30 2:10 pm

Yep, the Baron returns on a monthly basis!