Monday, June 28, 2021

A Short and Sweet Store Update! ??

It’s a marvelous Monday for a store update, Poptropicans! Head to the store via mainstreet or the sidebar tab on the upper right corner of the screen to check out the new threads! Here’s the lineup for the store’s updated inventory rotation:


Store Update 1


Store Update 2


Store Update 3


Store Update 4



This week’s store update adds two new outfits to the inventory:


The first is the Striped Romper costume! All players have access to the Striped Romper outfit, which is a perfect, casual look for any celebration or fun in the sun!


Striped Romper Costume


The other fresh, new ensemble is the VR Goggles costume – available for members only! The Poptropican’s VR Goggles outfit perfectly matches the pets version too! You can still find the VR Headset pet costume in the store as well. Pair your Popsona to your pet in the VR gear for a VRy cute combo! You’ll be an unstoppable duo in any reality.


VR Goggles Costume


VR Headset Pet Costume


Don’t forget, the Baron will be arriving on Home Island very soon, for only a limited time each month! With her, the Baron brings along her airship and the Cabin of Curiosities store. The Cabin of Curiosities is an AMAZING shop where all players can buy the winning costume designs, from June’s costume contest, for free! In addition to the player designed fits, you can access previously released costumes from Poptropica’s past, that haven’t been available in quite some time. The airship also includes a number of other features that’ll bring Poptropicans together and enhance the players’ experience. It’s probably best to leave it at that… I wouldn’t want to give away all of the Baron’s secrets and surprises. You’ll just have to see for yourself. ? 


That’s a wrap for this week’s store update, y’all! Hope you have a wonderful day, stay cool!! ??

frendly gamerJune 28, 2021 pm30 4:14 pm

hi when is the baron coming? I am very exited!!!

frendly gamerJune 28, 2021 pm30 4:18 pm

p.s. This is my first time talking with you guys!!!

Dangerous DragonJune 29, 2021 am30 7:44 am

Nice! Oh wow the vr is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Y e a hJune 29, 2021 am30 10:24 am

I wish i had membership ;_;

Cheerful GamerJune 29, 2021 pm30 2:01 pm

Me too :(

perfect crownJune 29, 2021 pm30 4:23 pm

me three. My mom won't let me have a member ship?

frendly gamerJune 29, 2021 pm30 4:26 pm

my sister is wild ant

Shifty Paw June 30, 2021 am30 12:32 am

Is the friends page coming back with the pictures, medallions, achievements and photos of yourself on the island where you can customise? Thank you

frendly gamerJune 30, 2021 pm30 3:23 pm

that sounds cool

anonymousJune 30, 2021 pm30 4:56 pm

Are you a new player? That used to be REALITY, Friendly Gamer.

Dangerous DragonJuly 1, 2021 am31 1:50 am

I hope it will :)

Happy LizardJune 30, 2021 pm30 1:03 pm

I have Poptropica in my game website.