Thursday, June 10, 2021

New Candy Crazed Mini Quest BTS Look and Walkthrough! 🤩

HELLOOOOO all you guys, gals, and non-binary pals!


Have you had a chance to play the new Candy Crazed mini quest?! Poptropica’s newest addition reimagines the story of Hansel and Gretel – they are the ones wreaking havoc on the Candy Palace, Little Witchy, Nanny, and Master Huggles! How the tables have turned…


The mini quest is replayable, so it’s a great way to earn easy credits! Especially with the launch of the new character screen, it’s the perfect time to stock up on credits to buy items in the store! 😉


We’re back with more behind the scenes looks into the design of the characters in the opening scene, Little Witchy’s Candy Palace, and the Treat Tower that Hansel and Gretel are entrapped! Following the introductory comic, you’re transported to the Candy Palace, where you’re surrounded by all the characters: Little Witchy, Master Huggles (sans leg), Nanny, Gumdrop Pup, and Gummy. It’s glucose galore! Candy, chocolate, cakes, cookies, and more! Is anyone else drooling just looking at it?!


Candy Crazed Characters


At the top of the Treat Tower, the ravenous rascals are surrounded by portraits of Little Witchy, Nanny, and Gumdrop Pup. This is the end of the gumdrop trail! Starting from the bottom, you must collect all 100 gumdrops in order to set Hansel and Gretel free.


Treat Tower Portraits


But the sweetest look into the Candy Crazed mini quest is the design itself! The Treat Tower is decorated with plenty of luxurious desserts at each level, each with their own trampoline to let you bounce higher and higher! Little Witchy’s whimsical aesthetic mirrors the original, enchanted fairytale, despite Poptropica’s own twix on Hansel and Gretel’s adventure.


Candy Palace Layout

Want to see more of Hansel and Gretel's terror plaguing Little Witchy and company? Tune into our Candy Crazed walkthrough to see the full experience and walkthrough!!



What do you think about the Candy Crazed mini quest?! Are you lucky charmed by the confectionary concept design? Let us know in the comments! 👇