Thursday, May 20, 2021

WANTED: Guest Writers for Poptropica! ✍️

Thank you for all your interest in becoming a guest blogger for the Official Poptropica Blog!

We see the AMAZING Poptropica content (Poptropicontent?) that you are contributing!! We want to extend the opportunity to the ENTIRE Poptropica community to publish your own original content on the Creators’ Blog.

Wanted: Official Guest Writers
  • Are you lover of all things Poptropica?


  • Do you have an in-depth knowledge of Poptropica’s lore? Do you ever analyze characters and their storylines? Maybe you have an overwhelming gut feeling that you caught a detail nobody else did?


  • Do you have a habit of doodling in Pop style? Or recording your own island walkthroughs?


  • Do you want to share your experience with the game and community?


  • Are you looking for a platform to share your love and excitement for Poptropica and upcoming releases?!


If so, you may be a great guest writer on the Official Poptropica Blog!


If you're interested in being a guest writer for Poptropica (and are over 13 years old), submit a quick answer on why you think you'd be a great contributor to the blog and what you would like to write about! Your content can be anything Poptropica related! You are more than welcome to write a guest blog, film your own video, or draw. As long as you create it, we want to see it!!

Be sure to include your or your parent's email address so we can contact you. Please note that you may only submit 1 guest writer inquiry per month.

Thanks again everyone! Can’t wait to read your submissions and help feature your original ideas!

Invisible RingMay 21, 2021 pm31 9:39 pm

Thanks for the update, Poptropica! These new rules and permissions for guest blogging are good to know, because one of my next guest posts has a LOT of art to showcase.

Cool cometMay 23, 2021 pm31 3:28 pm

When will you annconce the winner for the fariy tale contest? pls replay

May 24, 2021 pm31 1:51 pm

Winners have been announced at the end of the Fairytale Island walkthrough video!

Cool cometMay 25, 2021 pm31 4:30 pm

Tysm for replaying!!!!

June 28, 2021 pm30 3:00 pm

Please check your emails if you've sent us a guest blog idea through the submissions tab -- we've sent out emails responding to all potential guest bloggers that provided an email address! If you haven't received anything, please resubmit your idea with an email we can contact you with! Thanks :)