Thursday, March 4, 2021


Are you ready for this Poptropicans? Say it with me now:


You've sent us letters. You've petitioned us. You've made countless social posts. 

The wait is over.

Spongebob has landed in Poptropica! 

The new Spongebob movie, Spongebob on the Run, is now out and we're soooooo excited to have the chance to bring you Spongebob Island as a result!

Krabby Patty's. Plankton. Patrick. And everything Atlantic City has to offer! Get ready for some sea-nanigans!

We know you're as excited as we are and we're doing a little something special for this MOMENTUS occasion.

We're giving away 5 memberships for the funniest video created highlighting the amazing prizes you can win on the island. The videos that make the Poptropica Creators LOL the most will get awarded a one-year membership!

Just share your video on YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram with the #poptropica hashtag. We'll announce the winners here on March 12th! 

🎵 Sing it with me now... 🎵Who lives in a pineapple under the sea... 🎵🎵🎵

UnknownMarch 6, 2021 am31 8:44 am

It'd be nice if poptropica worked on making real islands or at least porting them over instead of this nonsense

White foxMarch 8, 2021 pm31 4:29 pm

They are! Fairy Tale island is looking really good, and, according to other posts, they are working on bringing some old islands back!

UnknownMarch 8, 2021 pm31 11:57 pm

What have they been doing for the past 5 years then?!? It's been that long since we got a real island

White foxMarch 10, 2021 pm31 2:24 pm

Well, yes I understand we have waited so long for a real island, but the conversion can't have been easy. Think of how much the creators had to prepare to move everything over, decide what was going to stay and what was going to go, and making new things for Haxe. I am sure they have been working on converting islands and making the newest islands, but they state they have received tons of mail and petitions about this island. I'll admit, I don't care much about Spongebob either, but the reason all this "nonsense" is coming out is because they are trying to keep players satisfied while they make new islands. I hear you, but they have been working on islands while making stuff for us to keep us busy while we wait.

Red DragonMarch 10, 2021 pm31 5:21 pm

Look, since we heard about flash going away the devs were working hard long before any of this to come out with a solution. It's not like they just got lazy and gave up.

Mad PawMarch 6, 2021 pm31 2:31 pm


Joey NigroMarch 6, 2021 pm31 6:57 pm

Excuse me, I would like you to bring back the costumizer, please.

AnonymousMarch 8, 2021 pm31 10:06 pm

Please! I miss this part. It was the best feature of the game and it sucks that customization has been limited. I am considering quitting, the game just isn't the same without it.

Happy BunnyMarch 8, 2021 pm31 10:07 pm

Bring back!

White foxMarch 10, 2021 pm31 2:26 pm

I know customization is going to be hard to bring back, but please creators. Please bring them back for at least some of the islands.

AnonymousMarch 7, 2021 pm31 12:02 pm

i cant find garry

White foxMarch 9, 2021 am31 8:46 am

The PHB shows you where he is. Follow the slime trail

Red DragonMarch 4, 2021 pm31 4:39 pm

YAY!! Just one question. Is this an actual island or just like the American Girl Doll Island?

White foxMarch 8, 2021 pm31 4:28 pm

I am pretty sure it is an ad island

Red DragonMarch 9, 2021 am31 9:52 am

Ya I figured.

AHSB2047March 4, 2021 pm31 5:23 pm

Are ya ready kids?

UnknownMarch 4, 2021 pm31 7:49 pm

So I've been on Poptropica for a long time( since 2012 to be exact), I'm wondering when or if the old islands will be brought back? I know that there have been talk about it and for a short amount of time, some old islands were available with membership, but I would like to be able to play the old islands without using the "Old Directory" or 3rd party software.

Red DragonMarch 9, 2021 am31 9:52 am

Yea they will be released to everyone soon.

AnonymousMarch 5, 2021 pm31 12:24 pm

soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

AnonymousMarch 6, 2021 am31 11:54 am

I wish these weren't "islands", I liked it better when they were just on main street of islands....terming them as islands seems like just trying to cover/push out the release of actual islands.

AnonymousMarch 6, 2021 pm31 12:45 pm

I am having some major glitches with the islands and my menu buttons disappearing after I go into customize an outfit. Also where is Gary? Or is the point to watch the movie>?

AnonymousMarch 9, 2021 am31 1:38 am

Me too

nickMarch 7, 2021 pm31 1:25 pm

I miss when "island" referred to actual islands with goals, items, characters, and stories. Even the older ad islands like Red Dragon Island and Wimpy Wonderland had those. This wording kind of worries me that Fairy Tale Island won't be like a real island. I'm still hopeful for it though! Its contest submission probably had a lot of good stuff in it. :D

Red DragonMarch 9, 2021 am31 9:50 am

No i'm pretty sure Fairy tale will be normal.

AnonymousMarch 7, 2021 pm31 8:23 pm

yay!! this sounds so exciting! can't wait to play!

AnonymousMarch 7, 2021 pm31 8:23 pm

sounds exciting!

UnknownMarch 9, 2021 am31 10:00 am

Hey I was wondering, where's Gary? His trail just leads to the giant dice and that's it.

White foxMarch 10, 2021 pm31 2:28 pm

Guys, the PHB shows you where he is. Just read their post. I would put a link, but for some reason these comments don't let you put links. Just go to the Poptropica Help Blog and look for the Spongebob post.