Friday, January 22, 2021

Video of the Week! ?‍♂️

Did you know there are people who have been playing Poptropica for YEARS!? It's true! 

Alana returned to Poptropica after 8 years and did this awesome walkthrough of Arabian Nights: How Bazaar! ?‍♂️

We've gotta say, she did a pretty incredible job beating one of our hard islands!

Yet another amazing Poptropica video! Can't wait to see what more of you make!

Invisible RingJanuary 22, 2021 pm31 3:53 pm

I know of a lot of people who have played Poptropica for years. I happen to be one of them. It has been fun watching Poptropica progress and transform every year.

leosturino444January 22, 2021 pm31 5:15 pm

great video!

Red WolfJanuary 22, 2021 pm31 6:38 pm

Wow the vid was amazing I just started playing poptropica again after 5 years

gamergirl1528January 23, 2021 pm31 4:04 pm

Hey i was wondering about The dream island is there more winners thankyou and have a nice day

Poptropica playerJanuary 28, 2021 am31 9:42 am

Yeah I really want to know the next winners. Also, not that I am complaining poptropica, it's just that it doesn't seem like poptropica is changing. I mean, there is so much we were expecting in the conversion, like the new friends page out of the BETA, the island winners being available, Poptropica Airlines, POSSIBLY more island conversions, and it just seems the same every time I go on there. I know you are probably real busy and all, but please update the Haxe version some more.

PS. It would be great if you posted about Poptropica Airlines.

ShyIceFebruary 1, 2021 pm28 2:23 pm

Same here!

AnonymousJanuary 23, 2021 pm31 8:31 pm

I've been playing Poptropica since 2008!

GhislainDJanuary 27, 2021 am31 6:45 am

2008! = 8.64 x 10^5671 so doubt

Red DragonFebruary 16, 2021 pm28 5:05 pm

GhislainD, what does that mean?

KendraJanuary 24, 2021 am31 11:55 am

I've been playing Poptropica since 2013. Its really nostalgic for me

UnknownJanuary 25, 2021 am31 8:50 am

amazing it was super funny thnxs poptropica!

Curious RiderJanuary 23, 2021 pm31 1:50 pm

I've been playing Poptropica on and off over the course of ten years. Found out that the classic islands will eventually be brought up to date with new code and what not, but are currently locked behind a paywall. It'd be pretty sweet if the developers allowed everyone to play some of the classic islands again, because I started Time Tangled island a few months ago only to find that I now have to be a member to play it.

Orange FoxJanuary 25, 2021 pm31 7:00 pm


Friendly ClawJanuary 25, 2021 pm31 10:03 pm

ive been playing for 8 years never stopped lol

UnknownJanuary 26, 2021 am31 9:00 am

Are other people allowed to right in the blog?

AnonymousJanuary 27, 2021 pm31 6:40 pm

Awesome video, great edits and everything. :D

AnonymousJanuary 28, 2021 am31 7:59 am

I've been playing for a while now...I'm in my 20s.

Orange FoxJanuary 28, 2021 pm31 12:53 pm

Funny can poptropica plz bring back old islands or at least take membership off time tangled cuz the others dont

Orange FoxJanuary 28, 2021 pm31 1:19 pm

White Fox i just friended u yesterday and u accepted!thnxs im fearless fox anytime we could see each other in ur mine clubhouse?

MiltonJanuary 28, 2021 pm31 1:39 pm

when will we get island contest winners

AnonymousJanuary 28, 2021 pm31 6:17 pm

Yes. I know that there are people who have been playing Poptropica for years. I happen to have been playing it since early 2013, actually.

UnknownJanuary 28, 2021 pm31 8:41 pm

are there any more contest winners?

UnknownJanuary 29, 2021 am31 11:01 am

I love to play poptropica it's super fun

UnknownJanuary 29, 2021 pm31 12:03 pm

I have been playing for 1 or 2 months I learned about it from the book Who Is Jeff Kinney . Love this video !!

KieraJanuary 29, 2021 pm31 2:42 pm

I've been playing for like 12 years AT LEAST. I've lost track...

AnonymousFebruary 2, 2021 pm28 8:12 pm

It's only been around since 2007 so it couldn't be 12 years.

Invisible RingFebruary 6, 2021 am28 12:12 am

You're right. It hasn't been 12 years, it's been roughly 13 and a half!

AnonymousJanuary 29, 2021 pm31 7:18 pm

Btw, how long is it going to take to add the other islands back because I beat all the island on here and there is nothing too do.

Friendly rockJanuary 29, 2021 pm31 10:26 pm

my sister played poptropica for a while and my cousin too my sister is the person who showed me poptropica

AnonymousJanuary 30, 2021 pm31 3:23 pm

I want to change my eyes i dont want them lidded

Red DragonFebruary 25, 2021 pm28 9:07 pm

Go to the new you store. I'm not sure if that's exactly what to do.

AnonymousJanuary 31, 2021 am31 3:22 am

Nice but I can't see a new post from days!

MadiJanuary 31, 2021 pm31 6:31 pm

playing since 2008 its been a journey to say the least

Poptropica playerFebruary 1, 2021 am28 11:10 am

Hi great video Alana also has anyone else noticed White fox has stopped sending blog comments? I mean, doesn't she usually comment on every post? She hasn't commented on the last couple posts, which seems kinda unusual for someone who comments all the time.

AnonymousFebruary 2, 2021 pm28 8:20 pm

ya I noticed that too. It's also funny how everyone knows them. lol

Fearless FoxFebruary 5, 2021 am28 8:36 am

Ya,I assume shes busy with stuff or maybe forgot to check
~Fearless Fox My avatar name
If anyone wants to friend me it's foxamazing1 (I made it when I was young)

AnonymousFebruary 1, 2021 am28 11:25 am

Hey poptropica, this new version freezes SO easily! wherever I go, eventually my screen will freeze up and i have to log out and log back in again. Fix this, please.

Poptropica playerFebruary 2, 2021 am28 11:26 am

Seriously! I can go on for like three minutes but then everything freezes!!

ShyIceFebruary 2, 2021 pm28 1:39 pm

Are you playing poptropica on CoolmathGames? Click the "Log In" Button on the top right corner of this page, and it should run smoother.

(Despite having to refresh once)

AnonymousFebruary 2, 2021 pm28 2:45 pm

No! I play it one the Poptropica Website

ShyIceFebruary 5, 2021 pm28 7:23 pm

Thats suppose to happen. And I'm not mad at it.

Fearless FoxFebruary 1, 2021 am28 11:55 am

White fox i friended u any chance we can meet in ur/ my clubhouse?

Sly ghostFebruary 1, 2021 pm28 5:41 pm

When you guys said we were going to have new features in poptropica in 2021, you didn't just mean the legendary swords game, did you? I know it is early in the year but so far that is the only new thing I have seen.

UnknownFebruary 1, 2021 pm28 6:17 pm

I loved that vid so much