Monday, January 11, 2021

Updated Inventory! šŸ‘•

Howdy, Poptropicans!

We're here with the latest update in Poptropica - updated inventory! We know a lot of you have a TON of stuff you've saved over the years and that getting through them all was kind of taking forever.Ā 

So we gave the inventory a quick refresh for the new year making it easier to get through all of your items. It's now sorted like the store with tabs to find all your stuff! As you buy or win more items your inventory will automatically switch to two rows!

Let us know what you think in the comments and if you have other ideas for what you think could use an update let us know!

SethTIJanuary 11, 2021 pm31 11:41 pm

Would love a feature to search for the item. That's what's needed most.

I'm also still missing my 3rd anniversary items... The balloon & hat/outfit are missing.

AnonymousJanuary 12, 2021 pm31 8:51 pm

I don't have my 5th anniversary birthday cake outfit :'''(

White foxJanuary 12, 2021 am31 9:01 am

omg This is sort of like it was in the old days again I know I wasn't playing the game when it was like that but I google early poptropica and search the blog archives to learn all this stuff

UnknownJanuary 12, 2021 am31 11:40 am

I really appreciate this update! I would also like to be able to access items from any island at any time, like how we could on the AS2 islands.

AlderJanuary 12, 2021 pm31 1:10 pm

This is gonna be handy, any chance we could favorite items to have them show up first?

Invisible RingJanuary 12, 2021 pm31 4:27 pm

This is the best! YAY! Thank you so much! I can finally find all of my stuff again!

White foxJanuary 14, 2021 pm31 12:23 pm

Same! It is sooo hard to find stuff!

AnonymousJanuary 13, 2021 am31 12:31 am

The update was much needed for the haxe version of the game. Although, you'll have to worry about the islands now since you'll have to update into the haxe version but I think the poptropica team deserves a rest!

UnknownJanuary 14, 2021 am31 5:27 am

Thanks for this update. I was wondering if you plan on bringing back a medallion page for us to look at the islands we've completed. Also, it would be nice if you brought back the daily pop as I used to really enjoy doing those.

AnonymousJanuary 15, 2021 am31 11:21 am

I agree

AnonymousJanuary 18, 2021 pm31 5:43 pm

that was all i used poptropica for lol

AnonymousJanuary 18, 2021 pm31 7:43 pm

It could have been like the old inventory like five years ago