Thursday, December 10, 2020

Video of the Week!

This week's video is from TikTok and made the whole Poptropica Creators team laugh pretty hard. Y'all are brilliant and creative and we can't believe all the amazing things you make inspired by Poptropica!

Invisible RingDecember 10, 2020 pm31 11:33 pm

I love it but couldn't the creator have made it longer than 10 seconds? I think it would be all the awesomer with the whole song

White foxDecember 15, 2020 am31 11:49 am

Yeah. I liked it so much, I wanted more of it

White foxDecember 11, 2020 am31 9:36 am

OH MY GOSH SOOOOO FUNNY!!! The only thing bad about was that it had to end! That was super funny!!!

UnknownDecember 15, 2020 am31 10:43 am


Poptropica Help BlogDecember 17, 2020 am31 9:47 am

Take my horse to the old island!

AnonymousJanuary 19, 2021 pm31 5:15 pm

omg thats so funny