Thursday, December 10, 2020

New Side-Quest Coming Soon! ✨

The holiday break ⛄is nearly upon us which means time off from school, time at home with our families, and a NEW POPTROPICA STORY

We know having to stay home to stay safe can feel like a drag, so the Poptropica Creators have been putting in some extra hours to make a fun side-quest experience for ALL PLAYERS!

An all-new story and all-new characters! ?

This side-quest experience will only be available for a limited time, so don't miss out. Keep checking back here for more updates and to know when it's available!

poptropica name (silver)December 10, 2020 pm31 3:10 pm

This will be cool but plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz bring the classics back you guys said some will be back this year sooooo can you guys plz do it even if they are for members for 3 weeks but no longer then a 3 weeks. Thanks.
p.s. listin to this comment

poptropica name (silver)December 15, 2020 am31 11:27 am


AnonymousDecember 10, 2020 pm31 5:37 pm


Invisible RingDecember 10, 2020 pm31 11:41 pm

I hope that all our accounts are converted by the time the side quest is out. We flash people wanna keep our accounts and experience it with our avatars. But if we have to make new characters for 10 minutes and then jump back to our real accounts, we will do that.

AdvocateDecember 11, 2020 am31 1:27 am

Lesssss gooooo

GailDecember 11, 2020 am31 7:41 am

Yaaaaaaaay! I'm so exicited! That sounds like fun! Thank you for making it avabile to all players!

GailDecember 11, 2020 am31 7:46 am

That's nice but what about poptropica airlines airways airport island and more updates and to know when it's avabile!?!?

AnonymousDecember 11, 2020 am31 8:33 am

yes! but when exactly is this coming

AnonymousDecember 11, 2020 am31 8:34 am

and where will we find this?

White foxDecember 11, 2020 am31 9:17 am

Cool! Glad it is for all players. Haxe is doing a lot of non-members stuff!

White foxDecember 11, 2020 am31 9:51 am

So is it like 24 carrot and shark tooth, where it is more of half the island? Something like that? Nevertheless, it sounds really cool and I cannot wait to try it out! Also, are you hiring for the job of game-tester? I would like to apply!!! XD

magic kittyDecember 11, 2020 pm31 1:47 pm

im soo exited yay

White foxDecember 11, 2020 pm31 3:58 pm

When exactly is it coming?

UnknownDecember 12, 2020 am31 7:31 am

is it for all players including non members

UnknownDecember 12, 2020 am31 9:36 am

Hey, i've got a problem. When i try to join an island, it just gives me a black screen and, depending on the island, maybe random text. It makes the game unplayable, and this obviously upsets me. My flash account still works, so I can play that for the time being. Though please fix this soon!

White foxDecember 12, 2020 am31 11:25 am

On poptropicon 1 It freezes when I have to race cheetah bandit. Please fix this glitch

White foxDecember 12, 2020 pm31 12:35 pm

Honestly, it's annoying to have all of our prizes from ads in our island inventory. Please put our prizes in the prize tab of our inventory. The ads stuff really fills up my space.

UnknownDecember 13, 2020 am31 10:17 am

Wow!, You guys work really hard for us! I want to say, Thank you guys so much! Even after the whole "flash thing" you guys are working hard to keep poptropica alive for so many kids!(And adults for that matter!) And now you guys are making us a all-new story? THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys do amazing work just for us! So, thank you! PS:I don't get why people are so mad about the whole "Membership thing" You guys need money too!

UnknownDecember 13, 2020 pm31 10:44 pm

we need old poptropica back some people cant even afford to get a membership for the old islands we miss all of the old islands like wild west and cryptids

AnonymousDecember 15, 2020 am31 10:11 am

Can't wait!

Magic CoyoteDecember 15, 2020 pm31 3:12 pm

so happy it for non-members because this was my face when i realised 12 days of member gifts was here: o(≧o≦)o

AnonymousDecember 16, 2020 pm31 12:01 pm