Monday, December 14, 2020

Final Week to Submit Your Island Ideas! ⏰

This Friday is the deadline to submit your amazing DREAM ISLAND ideas! 

We've received hundreds of incredible stories and can't wait to see what else is submitted this week! To submit, all you need to do is write up what you think the next Poptropica island story should be. You can include the storyline, the characters, and the setting! If you're feeling extra creative, you can also submit some art to go with it!

You can enter by using our submission form HERE. We're accepting submissions until 11:59 pm PST on December 18, 2020, and will announce the winner on December 28th!

The winner will not only have their island design in Poptropica, but they'll also receive a ONE YEAR MEMBERSHIP to Poptropica!


Please don't submit anything that includes another brand (like your favorite toys, cartoons, characters)

Do not copy ideas that other players have come up with!

Only submit your idea once! 

By submitting your design you're agreeing to the Content Submissions rules and regulations as stated in the Terms of Use.

White foxDecember 14, 2020 pm31 12:05 pm

I didn't just put some art... I drew the whole thing! If I hadn't started back in August, I would have never finished!!!

Joey NigroDecember 14, 2020 pm31 6:52 pm

I submitted Reality TV Island 3.

AnonymousDecember 14, 2020 pm31 8:15 pm

A Wizard Island! Obtain wands that cast bizarre spells & pets & flying brooms with a glitter trail :3

penn14/penn16December 15, 2020 am31 8:50 am

i've put in modre than one idea.please use the minecraft one.

AnonymousDecember 15, 2020 am31 10:07 am

Mine is a bit like Escape from Pelican Rock in a way.

AnonymousDecember 15, 2020 am31 10:08 am

I love Poptropica!

AnonymousDecember 15, 2020 am31 10:09 am

I wonder what other people have come up with?

redwatercityDecember 16, 2020 pm31 2:43 pm

Thank you so much for this opportunity!!!!! love poptropica eeeek so excited.

AnonymousDecember 16, 2020 pm31 5:46 pm


Poptropica Help BlogDecember 17, 2020 am31 9:45 am

Dreaming of a new Poptropica island... :)

AnonymousDecember 17, 2020 am31 11:43 am

Can you make it like another book/movie but not exactly and still count?

UnknownDecember 21, 2020 pm31 11:43 pm

i miss old poptropica sooo much so thats wat i put

AnonymousDecember 22, 2020 pm31 7:25 pm

game show, ghost story, mystery train, spy, super villian, popropicon, big nate, super power,

AnonymousDecember 23, 2020 pm31 12:56 pm

Well I did Island quest and you start in your bedroom then click the hot air balloon and explore islantis.

mamaswildchildDecember 27, 2020 pm31 11:38 pm

Our file was... huge. We had to compress the PDF. But we worked on it from the moment the contest was hinted at, and I am really hoping our efforts paid off.

UnknownDecember 28, 2020 pm31 12:18 pm

when does this island come out
I want to know
and congrats to the person who made it.
You deserve it!

AnonymousDecember 28, 2020 pm31 7:02 pm

Think we can get an estimate on what time the decision will be announced?

Laser FoxJanuary 19, 2021 pm31 5:07 pm

i would like to have a dragon island, where you learn to ride them, but someone wants to kill all the dragons. its kinda a whodunnit situation, dragon style. THIS IS NOT MEDIEVAL. IT IS MODERN! And scientists have made dragons from this weird crossbreed...
aaaaanyway, i'd really love it if this was an island!