Friday, November 27, 2020

A Dive into the Video Archives!


Hi Poptropicans!

For this week's video, we decided to dig into the video archives and share a clip of Jeff Kinney, creator of Poptropica, showing how to draw a Poptropican! 

Have you ever tried to draw a Poptropica character? We love sharing fan art, so send us your drawings or if you're on social media tag it with #poptropica. You may even get featured in our new fan art videos!

If you need a little help getting started, use this image as a guide!

Invisible RingNovember 27, 2020 pm30 1:23 pm

I draw poptropicans all the time! But I had no idea there was a how to video on drawing them so I had to figure it out myself

Invisible RingNovember 27, 2020 pm30 1:24 pm

Good work actually posting 'video of the week' every week now!

White foxNovember 27, 2020 pm30 4:29 pm


GailNovember 28, 2020 am30 11:28 am

When you put virus hunter island on haxe on the brain virus can you make the virus boss not spawn mini virussus because I can't shock him and destroy the mini virussus at the same time, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease do that, thank you!

White foxDecember 11, 2020 am31 11:44 am

YES the brain virus drives me crazy please make it so it is easier. Maybe you could also make it so whatever level you are on, since there are 3 parts of the brain virus one, stay on that level and not completely restart from the first one

GailNovember 28, 2020 pm30 9:00 pm

What about airport airways airlines island?!?! Are you guys going to procrastinate with that island like you guys did with monster carnival 12 years ago 2008!?!? Please answer back about the island! Please please please! Answer answer answer! Thank you!

UnknownNovember 29, 2020 pm30 10:04 pm

In poptropica can yall make it so we can have a house and that at home island i can be day and night and make characters tho you can roleplay at home island and anywhere else. i have some many ideas i would love to share them

White foxDecember 11, 2020 am31 11:47 am

Good idea yes-yes-yes I really want it to be more like real life on home island. For example, could you please make some restaurants or something on home island, and maybe get a job for real, not those jobs you get only on islands, like counterfeit and night watch.

AnonymousNovember 30, 2020 pm30 1:21 pm

Love this idea, are you guys still working on the old islands? Sorry, I just really want an update lol

White foxNovember 30, 2020 pm30 3:50 pm

Please bring back at least 1 of the 15 below (in no particular order)
1. Spy
2. Survival 2-5
3. Back lot
4. Shrink ray
5. Skulduggery
6. Ghost story
7. Shark tooth
8. Early poptropica
9. Astroknights
10. Zomberry
11. Reality Tv original
12. Reality Tv wild safari
13. Night watch
14. Arabian night 2-3 (I know you just finished the first, but i miss the others too.
15. Cryptids

AdamDecember 13, 2020 pm31 4:13 pm

I haven't heard of half of them, but they sound fun! Also plz don't just make em for members only! :(

AnonymousJanuary 28, 2021 pm31 5:02 pm

I'm doing a fanart so how do you draw hair?