Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Reality TV: Wild Safari COMPLETE pro tips and strategy guide

Hey, Poptropicans! We know a lot of you have been diving into our latest Island minigame bananza, Reality TV: Wild Safari! So here are some tips and tricks on how to MASTER even the hardest mode!

First of all, did you KNOW that you can change the difficulty? You might have missed it, but after you choose your opponents, Jim Probably will ask you if you're ready to go! Your choice from this menu will determine if you play the challenges in Easy, Medium, or Hard mode. Choose wisely, and work your way up!

Deep Dive... I'm kinda bad at Deep Dive, not gonna lie. If you find yourself falling behind, keep an eye on the other players. They'll always take the most direct route to the next set of airbubbles.

Give those pesky jellies a wiiiiide berth, and MASH THAT MOUSE BUTTON.

So did you know that in the Cheetah Run, you can jump not once. Not twice. But FIVE TIMES before you need to touch the ground again? This will help you make sure you can get over the taller obstacles in your path. Lookin at you, meerkats.

Last, but certainly not least, the Spear Toss. I'm definitely best at this one. Maybe it's the adorable baby elephant in the background, idk.

Two main things here: Wind speed, and hitting that bar at the middle of the power meter! The wind determines how much your spear will get pushed to the left and right. The power meter determines how high or low your spear is tossed. You always want to hit the middle for maximum accuracy. And don't forget that each 10 point target gets SMALLER the further you get into the challenge!

If you've got any sweet Wild Safari tips, drop them in the comments! Also definitely let us know what other kinds of Island Stuff you guys would like to see here!
WR1STR0CK3TSeptember 25, 2019 pm30 10:25 pm

I wish there was news on what happened to the classic islands disappearing...

UnknownSeptember 29, 2019 pm30 9:38 pm

its supposedly because of flash dying so they all have to be updated to html 5

AnonymousSeptember 30, 2019 pm30 3:13 pm

Is Wild Safari going to be exclusively for members, or will it be available for everyone to play?

AveryMarch 27, 2020 pm31 12:05 pm

I'm not a member & i got to play.

UnknownOctober 2, 2019 pm31 8:20 pm

Wondering if safari will be becoming available for non-members or if it will remain exclusive indefinitely? I've been checking back hoping that it eventually becomes available for all... i just want to playa new island

AnonymousApril 9, 2020 pm30 1:18 pm

You probably already know, but it's available for all now!

Dangerous HorseOctober 4, 2019 am31 3:50 am

I like Wild Safari but why does is have to be a competition? Like why can`t it be an adventure searching for African animals like Mission Atlantis? Sorry for rude remarks but I hope you take my advice to the heart.

And why is it only for members? Like I was playing Timmy Failure Island but the screen went blank and then I am doing Spear Toss on Wild Safari! I hope you enjoy my feedback.

From Poptropica Lover,
Dangerous Horse