Friday, April 12, 2019

Launch into Spring with these EGGcellent Store updates!

The April Store looks are here!! We've got chick followers, we've got bunny costumes, and, most importantly, an Egg Launcher for blasting your fellow Poptropicans with a springtime surprise. Scoot over to the store to find these and a few other new looks for the warm weather!
Joey NigroApril 14, 2019 pm30 7:59 pm

Create Poptropica School. I'm not forcing you to do anything. I'm just saying.

Joey NigroApril 14, 2019 pm30 11:15 pm

For next month's member gifts, can you add the "Unicorn Drawn by Family Guy" follower.

makepoptropicagreatagainApril 15, 2019 pm30 11:19 pm

Yeah, Poptropica died. Why? No new island, just useless features nobody needs.

UnknownApril 16, 2019 am30 9:13 am

Hey why can't I play the old islands- I want to revisit zomberry!

UnknownApril 16, 2019 pm30 1:13 pm

Will poptropica end?

UnknownApril 16, 2019 pm30 1:47 pm

When are yu gonna add more worlds

UnknownApril 16, 2019 pm30 1:47 pm

I’ve played the same world over nd iver again nd it’s getting boring

UnknownApril 17, 2019 pm30 2:39 pm

OK that is fine

UnknownApril 18, 2019 am30 10:04 am

How do i put in promo codes?

UnknownApril 23, 2019 am30 1:03 am

Loved it but couldn't find bunny costume. Some of the other outfits are for members though.

CAT-LOVERMay 3, 2019 am31 12:13 am

why can't you make Non member gifts??? and add a poptropica school island!

UnknownMay 12, 2019 am31 12:56 am

Loved it but soo last season now

AnonymousJune 26, 2019 pm30 2:51 pm

YAAAAAAA chickie most favorite most adorable thing best mini update EVER now I'll never care about other pets or followers Ever Again

UnknownMay 14, 2020 pm31 3:17 pm