Tuesday, April 23, 2019

How's your Clubhouse?

One of the BIGGEST requests from Poptropicans in the past has always been a custom house where they can show off their cool stuff. Clubhouses have been around for a little while, now, so it's time to start recognizing the amazing work you guys have been putting into decorating and personalizing your space!

So, on the Fridays we aren't doing Look of the Week, I'll be announcing the Clubhouse of the Week! The Poptropican's clubhouse that gets chosen will get a shoutout and screenshots right here, as well as on our Twitter and Instagram!
UnknownApril 23, 2019 pm30 4:31 pm

You said that you were going to do outfit of the week every other week why not do both when your not doing the out fit do the club house i love both ideas please do BOTH I'M BEGGING YOU!!!

UnknownMay 4, 2019 am31 7:18 am

so cute.....I love it!!!!!!