Wednesday, April 3, 2019

April Member Gifts!

April Member Gifts are here and if you ask us, they're pretty great!

These rare items are automatically added to your inventory if you’re an active member or purchase a membership anytime throughout the month!

If you love'm get your membership today - these items will only be available this month and will never be released in the Poptropica store!
CAT-LOVERApril 4, 2019 am30 10:37 am

how do you use or drive the bunny car around? that's a good and fun idea but terrible and vary weird at the same time.

UnknownApril 5, 2019 am30 10:35 am

Are there going to be any new islands any time soon?

Joey NigroApril 5, 2019 pm30 1:28 pm

I'm happy that you're still alive.

MarieNekoApril 5, 2019 pm30 7:56 pm

I wish that there were more items for non-members! Also, can people see the Torch item in the catalog if you have it on?

Joey NigroApril 6, 2019 am30 6:29 am

Would you rather release Poptropica School or South Park Island. I recommend you don't release South Park Island.

Joey NigroApril 6, 2019 am30 6:37 am

I wish for Poptropica School (which can give players education) as an island.

MApril 6, 2019 pm30 12:38 pm

The spawnpoint glitch is insanely bad. Already I've been unable to beat Spy Island, Skullduggery and Astro Knights because of it. For example, when I try to enter the top of the mill in Astro Knights I am spawned into the bottom, meaning I can't access the hoverboard. Fix this please I want to play your islands!!!

SelApril 7, 2019 am30 10:16 am


Joey NigroApril 7, 2019 pm30 10:00 pm

Can you make Multiverse Island that includes the world where everyone is a cat, the world where everything is drawn by Seth MacFarlane, the winter world, and other dimensions.

CAT-LOVERApril 8, 2019 am30 10:45 am

yeah! new islands!!! like a jungle and you have to save your friend from a pink jaguar that stole your lip stick or phone and is posting photo's all over the internet!

CAT-LOVERApril 8, 2019 am30 10:48 am

I also want a poptropica school island!

CAT-LOVERApril 8, 2019 am30 10:50 am

when ever I go to spy island it work's fine but then when I talk to the eye doctor and go to the door outside the shop it load's then glitch and bring's me back into the shop!!! I want to play spy island so please fix this!

MarieNekoApril 8, 2019 pm30 6:33 pm

I got member, and these April gifts aren't that good. Nothing special!

Joey NigroApril 8, 2019 pm30 9:11 pm

You can release Poptropica School, Pirate Island, Happy Tree Friends Island, Police Heroes Island, New and Improved Cryptids Island, My Little Pony Island, and retiring Shrink Ray Island at the same date. P.S. You're awesome.