Friday, March 22, 2019

Tomorrow is National Puppy Day!

It's WHAT? I'm sure you guys already know, but you can get a puppy of your own in Poptropica! The Pet Barn is overflowing with fluffy friends waiting for a good home, so dog lovers make sure you've picked out the pup that suits your style. There are lots of ways to customize a Poptropican's best friend, with more on the way!

Happy #NationalPuppyDay!
UnknownMarch 22, 2019 pm31 5:20 pm

That's so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!

UnknownMarch 22, 2019 pm31 7:25 pm

This picture is so adorable!

UnknownMarch 23, 2019 pm31 2:02 pm

go to coolmathgames they are using your game

TallmeloniscoolMarch 23, 2019 pm31 3:13 pm

good good good

UnknownMarch 23, 2019 pm31 4:02 pm


UnknownMarch 23, 2019 pm31 6:46 pm

Oh, I LOVE puppies!

UnknownMarch 25, 2019 pm31 5:42 pm

awesome! I love puppies

UnknownMarch 25, 2019 pm31 7:21 pm

Cute,but I wish there were different breeds of puppies to fit everyones need and wants.

WR1STR0CK3TMarch 25, 2019 pm31 7:49 pm

I just went flawless on Reality TV island. No losses on any of the games. Crowning achievement of my life honestly, I've been trying since I was like 10

UnknownMarch 25, 2019 pm31 8:13 pm

i cant stop crying wehn will you make a new island WHEN

MarieNekoMarch 25, 2019 pm31 10:49 pm


JessicaMarch 26, 2019 pm31 7:55 pm

Could you please add more chat script? Like, I want to say LOL but I can't even say it! Please add more chat script!

Sonu kumarApril 2, 2019 am30 10:02 am

Handsome puppy's are.

UnknownApril 10, 2019 pm30 3:09 pm

kawaii desu ne

UnknownApril 23, 2019 am30 1:10 am

What!!! National puppy day OMG I'm going to explode. I agree with comment #8. Imagine a poptropican corgi dog OMG