Friday, February 8, 2019

Celebrating Friends!

It's a sweet time of year in Poptropica! We've been loving seeing all of your custom pets running around with you in the game, and we have some great new updates coming out for pets later this month!

Show your friends how much you care with these custom Poptropica valentines! We're pretty positive your friends will think you're the sweetest! To print them out, click the image above, save it to your desktop, then print to your hearts content (but ask your parents before using all their printer ink)!

Also, don't forget to update your Poptropica Sticker App to get the latest valentine stickers!

KVFebruary 8, 2019 pm28 10:03 pm

more islands coming soon?

Joey NigroFebruary 9, 2019 pm28 3:33 pm

When will Poptropica School come to Poptropica?

UnknownFebruary 9, 2019 pm28 5:14 pm

Creepy Shark said: Happy to hear there will be updates coming for pets! Can't wait to see the great selection of accessories that will be coming soon. Will you be releasing new clubhouse decorations later this month, too? New clubhouse decorations will be released every month, right?

Zippy LightningFebruary 10, 2019 am28 8:13 am

Hello, happy almost- valentine's day! It seems I've come across a bug. So, I've completed every island you've guys made and I restarted the episodic islands to play again. The thing is, it won't let me play it again when I click the play button. Also, I know it isn't just my computer because the same thing happened to other computers I've tried playing it on.

UnknownFebruary 11, 2019 am28 10:07 am

We want new islands on Original Poptropica please! XD

UnknownJune 15, 2019 pm30 1:12 pm


UnknownJune 15, 2019 pm30 1:12 pm