Monday, April 16, 2018

We Want to Hear From You!

With so many new players in Poptropica this year, we want to hear what you think! What features do you want to see on What things do you want to see on the blog? 

And for our ever loyal fans – you know the game better than anyone! What do you think should happen in Poptropica? Your best ideas may make it into your favorite game!

FailisApril 16, 2018 am30 6:48 am

Wheelchairs, crutches, casts, hearing aids and walking canes. All for the disabled people. Plus K-9 dogs.

RamubaiApril 16, 2018 am30 10:49 am

As a die-hard fan of Poptropica, Try creating more islands with unique story line. Also, add some plot twist and cast some brand new characters and tools. Try looking at Survival island; it has an amazing thriller story line and has creativity. In addition, try making islands with different seasons. Most islands just have that normal sunny day. Like Survival island, it had a blizzard, which makes it fun and different from other islands. Moreover, the characters in the story have to be more active and play major roles. For instance, Ned Noodle Head plays as a sidekick. Finally, make more awesome outfits for players. Players want to express themselves as bright and creative. So, add more costumes and players get a chance to mix and match with those cool costumes.

AnonymousApril 16, 2018 am30 11:19 am

monopoly iland

UnknownApril 16, 2018 pm30 12:26 pm

Well I think poptropica is fine the way it is and poptropica world has potential but needs more islands, the greek boat island one was lacking, too easy and the story was boring, not at interesting as the ones from the original poptropica.

professor elaxApril 16, 2018 pm30 12:36 pm

Bring back The Wander Over Yonder Hat!

annerzApril 16, 2018 pm30 5:07 pm

Here are my ideas for the game:
1. Add Free Chat (for members if needed)
2. Hold another island contest
3. Reopen Realms on Original Poptropica
This is all I can think of right now. Hope you consider these! :)

Sneaky LeafApril 16, 2018 pm30 6:18 pm

I really want Poptropica to work hard this year on Poptropica Worlds and hopefully even add some new features to Pop Original. After all, Poptropica will be gone in a few years after adobe flash disables, so we would like some in-depth stories in Pop Worlds that would remind us of old islands like Ghost Story, Steamworks, etc. that really let us solve puzzles while at the same time going through a complex, rich, detailed storyline. The blog is amazing, I love to browse through it all the time and loved the april fools' joke. Hopefully Pop creators can recover after the departing workers. But I have to say: I've been playing for 7 years and I LOVE Poptropica. :-) r.i.p fiona

TallmeloniscoolApril 16, 2018 pm30 6:27 pm

In my opinion when it comes to updating the original Poptropica. Some things I would like to see is Realms coming back, as a loyal fan to Poptropica I see Poptropicans really really mad that realms is gone. Another thing to please add to the original Poptropica is to add the map back to the old Poptropica islands. You know the feature where you can check where you are in a Poptropica island. Yeah. Add it back please!

UnknownApril 16, 2018 pm30 9:49 pm


UnknownApril 16, 2018 pm30 10:22 pm

I would really like my beloved island the member ones to be reopen to all again it

kykyApril 17, 2018 am30 12:34 am

i wanna see more contest. on the blog.

AnonymousApril 17, 2018 pm30 2:30 pm

I've been playing Poptropica for about seven years. I have never bought a membership, but I have still played all the islands at some point. I even had completed a few of the islands that are now member only, like Big Nate Island. At this time, I have completed all the islands EXCEPT the member-only islands, Skulduggery Island, and Virus Hunter Island. I have also completed the demos for the nonmember islands. It would be really awesome if you released a new island or made the member-only islands available to everyone.
I would also like if you added a better friending feature.

BenApril 17, 2018 pm30 4:04 pm

Multiplayer mode, better story lines, more challenging islands, more blog posts that are both accurate and interesting are all things I would love to have happen.

UnknownApril 17, 2018 pm30 4:51 pm

Could you possibly add in more interactive puzzles such as in Steamworks Island with the plumbing system minigame and ballmaze game; and More new game mechanics like the Isolation of Steamworks island the leveling up of the ship of Skullduggery Island when gathering and trading resources to upkeep a new upgrade mechanic and how Mystery Train Island added in new roles such as being a detective and being immersive in the story to connect clues to solve the culprit that took Nikola Tesla's Transformer and when Cryptids Island, Escape From Pelican Rock, Zomberry Island, Mythology Island, Lunar Colony, etc. had cool animations of countdown to release and when released the main screen would' changed to fit the style of that island's story, I also loved the meta references of MockTropica of how it played upon many requests of poptropican's hope for new items.There should also be Easter Egg references in islands such as Poptropicon and Crisis Caverns had related to other islands giving hints that the other stories play a role in them in some way.Could you also please bring in the old immersive battles of Poptropica Orginale such as battling Zeus or Captain Crawfish going up to the take on but then realizing the plot twists that happened such as in Twisted Thicket when the Forest Kingdom stated that it was the construction workers that through the first spear at them that made them retaliate to defend themselves while also bring back the many awesome aspects and interaction of islands such as when you had to literally move the Caesar cipher in spy island to decrypt codes from secret agents and the best part was bonus quests they allowed to continue the story which lead to more humorous side stories such as with Wimpy Boardwalk when Greg Heffley made you become the "idiot" when you beat the second highest score in Thunder Volt or the cunning plot twist of Dr.Romero finally revealed as a monster in the end of Monster Carnival's Bonus Quests, I also wish for the bringing back of the thrills of suspense such as in Cryptids Island involving the Jersey Devil and Ghost Story Island when Fiona said "Hello" could you also bring back the episodic island idea it was good for Survival Island and Arabian Nights but not so much for Mission Atlantis I loved the new aspect of traveling in the sea to find hidden creatures and forgotten living fossils and the immersive of the story was phenomenal but it was short lived it left so many questions like are the Aliens of Lunar Colony the Same as the Aliens from Mission Atlantis or are they two different species coming to poptropica for different purposes relating to how similar the two dialect of symbols that can be found around the islands. I hope you read this and provide feedback on my analysis -Young Hippo

RamubaiApril 17, 2018 pm30 5:19 pm

As a die-hard fan of Poptropica, the new features that should be added is new islands with creative storylines, more costumes, and season changes. First, new islands should make its way through Poptropica and they should have cool stories. For example, Survival island had a creative storyline filled with terror, thriller, and suspense. Islands should also have plot-twists or flashbacks, not plain, weak story lines. The story should cast many characters that have a major role in the story and should be active. Ned Noodle Head is a great example of a character who assists the player in capturing the villains. More minigames that are tricky should be included as well. Next, the Poptropica store has no new costumes, except Poptropica worlds. The game should have new designs for costumes and more of the space bar action for new costume. Add many costumes that are popular in the real world or costumes from movies. For Poptropica worlds, the costumes should not just be for membership, but sometimes, make a limited time event where all players can buy those membership exclusive uniforms. Talking about events, the game should have a lot of special events that can take place in holidays such as Christmas, Diwali, Chinese New year, and Eid. This will make the game more diverse. Finally, Poptropica islands have a plain setting where it is mostly sunny and blue sky. We need more season changes that players can play in. For instance, Survival island had an unique introduction where players are strangled in a blizzard, rather than an enjoyable summer! Seasons are vital elements that affect story lines and they have the possibility of improving the story. Add more weather changes like rain, thunder, snow, hot, freezing cold, spring, fall, and more on. Overall, these are the features I, and the Poptropica community are looking forward to see. Thanks for hearing our thoughts, POPTROPICA! P.S. This is the best online game EVER!!!!

Tall KidApril 17, 2018 pm30 11:51 pm

I've been playing this game since I was in 2nd grade (I'm now in 12th grade), and I would love to see more islands on the original Poptropica! I honestly prefer the original character design over the newer version. But an awesome feature you could add is a movie maker, where you could create movies with your Poptropican, iconic characters, and even your friends! Ultimately, I look forward to a new era with the original Poptropica.

UnknownApril 18, 2018 pm30 5:18 pm

I think that your poptropican should be able to have the same hairstyles and clothes in poptropica worlds as in regular poptropica. And I hope that regular poptropica will be getting new islands same as poptropica worlds

UnknownApril 18, 2018 pm30 7:45 pm

No lie, I've been playing Poptropica since I was 8 (I'm 18 now) and the account that I use is about six years old at this point, maybe a little older. One thing that I've always wanted was to be able to have a customizable companion with me. After playing the islands over and over and over again I now play it as more of an rpg, and the idea that my poptropican could be roaming the land with their best friend since childhood or their brother would honestly be so cool.

UnknownApril 20, 2018 pm30 3:07 pm

Hello there Creators! I hope this can get by to you, but I have three things to suggest for features on Poptropica! The first one can be a chance for players to customize other characters in Poptropica Worlds like how we did in regular Poptropica. The second can be a better ending for Ringmaster Raven? Many people are disappointed with the ending done on him in Monster Carnival, so possibly can we get a happy ending for Raven? And finally, is it possible if we can have a future island where the player character and a villain swapped bodies and the villain tries to ruin the player character’s reputation and the player character has to stop them, maybe? I hope this get’s through and maybe it can work out? Thank you

kykyApril 24, 2018 pm30 6:19 pm


BardApril 24, 2018 pm30 10:09 pm

Please fix realms. I was about to quit poptropica until I found realms and played it for almost 3 years. SO PLEASE FIX REALMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ScarrXApril 28, 2018 am30 3:25 am

I have been playing this game since the very beginning. I started when there was only one island. I can remember how excited I was when Shark Tooth was released. I also remember when Monster Carnival was originally supposed to come out and how legendary it felt when it popped up years later. I want the creators to know I gain a strong positive feeling of nostalgia playing this game and I appreciate all the work that has gone into it. As for suggestions, I always think that Poptropica is at its best when it is simple. Basic plots, clever humor, I find myself returning to classics like Spy Island, and appreciating islands without too many complicated mechanics. In this day and age it is rare to find something so pure as Poptropica, and though I know the attention span of younger players may require more stimulation I think they may find some benefit to the Islands that used the game play to teach critical thinking, problem solving, and other random things like adding art museums and shark facts. I have three suggestions that may be sufficient for everyone.
1. Multiplayer mini-quests. Nothing fancy, just an opportunity for players to work together at a simple task for a unique reward!
2. Easter eggs. Something clever. like how you used to tease new islands with the Nabooti mask on Spy island, the sunglasses, the Greek warrior on Shark tooth. I also enjoy references to old islands, like when Balloon Boy pops up.
3. Dinosaur island. I feel like this could be both action packed and educational. It could be Jurassic Park themed. And Dinosaurs popularity never goes extinct (pun intended)

Anyway, I love this game. I'm 22 and plan to continue playing as long as I can. I hope the younger players will get as much out of it as I have!

kykyApril 28, 2018 am30 11:31 am

Fix realms fix realms!!!!!!!!!!? PLZZZZ

madison_witkowskiApril 29, 2018 pm30 1:04 pm

There should be an island when you turn into a cat by a cat lady

UnknownMay 5, 2018 am31 12:17 am

I'd like it if you added a chat in the multiplayer rooms but with filters to avoid swearing. If not, please fix the chat glitch because sometimes when we ask a person one of the questions, the replies are sent to EVERYONE. Idk how to explain it but yeah. I really like the game and I'm hoping for more new good features :D

UnknownMay 5, 2018 pm31 6:54 pm

Please fix realms! It still isn't working and it was my favorite feature! I used to spend hours building stuff there

John DoeMay 11, 2018 pm31 9:44 pm

Maybe take ideas for new islands from players and novels? Many people have good ideas for islands and novels are a good source of inspiration.

camkayMay 19, 2018 pm31 4:13 pm

Hi! I've been playing Poptropica for a while. I was eight years old when I started and I am currently 16. My friends like to joke around with me saying that I'm too old for the game, but I don't think I am. I find this game enjoyable to people of all ages. I noticed that there is this new thing called "Poptropica Worlds" which I have tried before, but I'm not very appealed to it. I really don't feel the need of Poptropica Worlds because it's never going to be the same as the original Poptropica. I really want there to be new and interesting islands on the original. One of the most interesting (also one of my favorite islands) is Red Dragon Island with a lot of fun tasks that challenges the mind with an interesting plot. That is in my opinion what makes a Poptropica island great. It would be amazing to have those types of islands featured on Poptropica original. I also noticed that there are two different types of game formats or backgrounds to islands. For example, the older islands have a smaller background or format while the newer ones have bigger formats that makes the island run faster and more efficiently. I would like all the islands to have the newer format with Dr. Hare hula hooping when the game is loading. The last thing that I would like to see is Realms coming back. I loved Realms because I could bring my own style to the Realm and create my own world. If you bring Realms back, I hope to see more updates like adding famous Poptropicans like Dr. Hare, Zeus, or Black Widow to come and live in our worlds and making us creators be the 'leaders' of our realm and have us accommodate to their needs. I really hope you take all my thoughts in consideration!

UnknownJune 2, 2018 pm30 2:53 pm

I know this is an old post but I want to add my two cents. I have also been playing poptropica for close to a decade now (!) and I have loved it for so long! My suggestion would be to take into account the older audience. I know that this site is geared toward younger kids and the content should be geared as such, but poptropica does have a very large audience of older players. most of them are long time fans like me who have been playing since we were in the target age range. I have kept playing poptropica all these years because there is literally nothing else like it on the internet (no single person story-driven games with so many adventures and similar mechanics), but as ive gotten older it's become less fun because it's become less challenging. I would love to seen more challenging material, especially on poptropica worlds because all of the islands there have so far been very short and very simple. The longer and more challenging plots of mythology, cryptids, mystery train, steamworks and other islands were the best, in my opinion.

rpmJune 3, 2018 pm30 6:26 pm

Hi! Hope I'm not too late to share my opinions :) I love original poptropica so much, I'm probably way too old to be playing (21 lol) but its so pure and fun and imaginative that I can't stop myself from still being addicted to it, 9 years after starting! The one main message I want to send is to please keep creating new islands for the original website, as I personally don't find poptropica worlds as enchanting as the original games (and based on the above comments, I think a lot of people agree with me). The original website is so much more immersive in the story line and settings. Shrink Ray was a childhood fantasy of mine brought to life, and the details were incredible! I love the islands set in historic periods; Time Tangled, Red Dragon, Mythology, and Mystery Train are some of my favourites, and I'd love to see more historic islands to play (like ancient egypt, prehistoric times, etc). I especially love it when the games have easter eggs (like balloon boy popping up places (pun not intended)), and when the games get sort of 'meta' (like mocktropiya and when you have to go to the museum on early poptropica for counterfeit island! That twist blew my mind hahah). I think one of the things most people like about poptropica are the wide range of diverse subjects for islands you've created. You've touched on so many cool themes, like ghosts, space, superheroes, vampires, jailbreak, spies, and so many more! I have a few ideas for islands I think a lot of us would enjoy!
Ancient Egypt: first set in the present where you are excavating a pyramid, something like a curse makes you go back to the past when the pyramids were being built! Throw a mummy and some pharaohs in there and you're set ;)
Evolution: Your character goes through the stages of evolution, from the big bang until now, but they are the ones causing the changes in the universe. like maybe the island starts in the pitch black and your character starts a match, and thats the big bang! Planets forming, first life on earth, dinosaurs, cavemen, there are so many things that could be included.
Harry Potter/Wizarding school: Obviously the storyline can't be harry potter for copyright and stuff, but i think learning to cast spells, flying a broom, buying an owl that follows you around the entire time and helps with tasks, and exploring a castle would be a really cool island for an island.
Back to the Future: 60's themed time travel island where you have to make something happen (like setting your parents on the right path to find each other) or else you disappear
Animal related island: I get soooooo excited everytime i see an animal on poptropica and always disappointed when you can't interact with them. I would love to see an island where you work with a bunch of different animals, like zoo escape or your character gets turned into a dog and has to interact with all the neighbourhood pets to find out how to change back
Around the World in 80 days: stop in a bunch of different countries! India, China, England, Italy, Morocco, South Africa, Egypt, Australia, Brazil, Russia, Canada, America, the list is endless and there would be so many opportunities to include different cultures and landscapes.

Thats all I can think of for now, but please keep creating the magically immersive poptropica games we know and love!!!!! <3

MatthewMooreAugust 6, 2018 pm31 1:23 pm

Add a hunger games type island

AnonymousOctober 15, 2019 am31 10:17 am

I think bringing back the old islands with a more challenging plot would be a good idea!, and add more stuff to buy for non-members. it gets boring when i do the islands and theres nothing for me to buy. or make an alternative price for the member items. For Example, the classic follow pack (the ones with the bees and stuff) its for members only but it can at least bee 300 coins to have it for non-members. I was here since I was in elementary school, im in college and have free time so i play poptropica when i take a break from studying. And you should bring back the haunted house for halloween again like back in 2009 i think. and cryptids island was absolute my favorite one out of all of them

AnonymousApril 8, 2020 pm30 2:40 pm

ok, so remember the old islands would come out every month or so? maybe if you re-released the old ones every month or some new never seen before islands every month? i really want the old islands back and i dont want to annoy u with it lol but please consider my idea and i hope to be able to maybe make some suggestions on new island themes! i really hope i get a response from THE popt. creators and also please give the next island a bit of a challenge. :)

AnonymousApril 8, 2020 pm30 2:46 pm

May i ask that if you were to add some old islands back that you would start with Wimpy Wonderland, Skullduggery,Steamworks, Astro Knights, Or Wild West?

AnonymousApril 26, 2020 pm30 4:17 pm

There should be an Arthur island. Girls and boys could like Arthur, so its possible that anyone could like an Arthur themed island! Thanks!

AnonymousApril 26, 2020 pm30 4:43 pm

I think everybody would love to see more pranks on poptropica. Who doesn't love the poptropica pranks? I love them and find them funny. Thanks!

AnonymousApril 26, 2020 pm30 6:59 pm

Is it possible to add old islands back?

AnonymousApril 29, 2020 am30 10:39 am

There should be a place where you can get a job. It would be more educational and more entertaining. And that way you could get coins faster and easier.

AnonymousApril 29, 2020 pm30 3:27 pm

There should be a restaurant where you can cook AND eat food.

AnonymousMay 21, 2020 pm31 4:36 pm

I think people would like it more if there were free memberships.