Friday, April 27, 2018

Outfit of the Week: Mythology Surfer!

Today's Outfit of the Week goes to the Mythology Surfer! This cool outfit has just returned and is perfect for any Poptropican who loves fun in the sun and hanging ten. This far-out outfit comes with three different customizations: Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon. So, depending on your mood, you can customize your own surf-tastic look! Catch the wave and pick up this outfit today!

Pop-Trivia - What year did the Mythology Surfer outfit first appear in Poptropica???
UnknownApril 27, 2018 pm30 2:53 pm

Answer to the pop-trivia: I'm going to assume 2010 — the year Mythology Island was released. :P

UnknownApril 27, 2018 pm30 6:48 pm

2013? i remember playing when it came out and trying to save up for it

UnknownApril 29, 2018 pm30 9:37 pm

I wish that they brought back that robot costume that you got from playing Game Show Island early

UnknownApril 30, 2018 pm30 8:49 pm

Summer of 2010 :D

annerzApril 30, 2018 pm30 9:35 pm

2010? Poptropica Adventures was released in 2012, and in the game the player can play a version of Mythology Island. The costume was most likely released with the island, so there you go!

annerzMay 1, 2018 am31 2:08 am

2010, definitely!

Foxy The Pirate FoxMay 1, 2018 am31 4:38 am

Please add Five Nights At Freddy's costumes to the store! For Non-Members and Members alike. Make sure you include Foxy though.