Friday, October 13, 2017

Get unlucky this Friday the 13th

Today is Friday the 13th, the unluckiest day on the calendar. Well, we at Poptropica laugh in the face of superstition. Here are some of the places in Poptropica where you can really try your luck.

Cross paths with a black cat on 24 Carrot Island

Okay, so Whiskers is really more of a pale gray color, but that's kinda like black. Besides, when you cross paths with this fickle feline, you will definitely feel as though you've been cursed. Why won't he just follow you?

24 Carrot Island is free to play on both Poptropica Original (web and mobile) and Poptropica Worlds!

Walk under a ladder on Twisted Thicket

When you walk under a ladder, do you think the bad luck is more for you, or for the person up on the thing? On Twisted Thicket, we sure wouldn't mind placing a hex on the lumberjerks and their plans for the enchanted forest.

Twisted Thicket is free to play on Poptropica Original!

Break a mirror (or several) on Monster Carnival

They say breaking a mirror is worth seven years' bad luck. But we think that getting hypnotized and turned into a monster by Ringmaster Raven would be a lot worse than that -- so smash away!

Monster Carnival is free to play on Poptropica Original!

Throw some salt over your shoulder on Ghost Story Island 

This is one superstition that has never made any sense to us. We're totally down with the idea that spilling salt is bad luck. That just makes sense. But for the remedy to be spilling even more salt? That's simply absurd.

Ghost Story Island is free to play on Poptropica Original!

We're willing to be there are even more unlucky places on Poptropica. Let us know what we missed!

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