Friday, September 22, 2017

Costume Contest Winners

Costume contest winners are dropping soon in Poptropica Worlds and Poptropica Original! Stay tuned for these exciting outfits... 

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Book/into/a/movie/into/an/animeSeptember 22, 2017 am30 11:44 am

OMG SO ORIGINAL!, the first one reminds me of Ariel, the next Aqua man (literally a mermaid) & the rest are like twins but there like the cool ones, there either chewing gum or puffing up there cheeks in annoyance..

UnknownSeptember 22, 2017 pm30 4:09 pm

I hope to be one of the 10 winners, or I'll never hear the end of never getting Membership.

Joey NigroSeptember 22, 2017 pm30 11:40 pm

I wish I could be the princess of friendship.

KANEKI17September 23, 2017 am30 3:28 am

Pkease make a ( TOKYO GHOUL ) costume .

djSeptember 23, 2017 am30 7:16 am

its cool

UnknownSeptember 23, 2017 am30 7:55 am

Wait, which contest was this? The one you held way back? Or was there one recently that I'm not aware of?

Anonymous11September 23, 2017 pm30 4:31 pm

Can you add a way to be barefoot like in those mermaid costumes?

UnknownSeptember 24, 2017 pm30 5:41 pm

Awesome! I love how active you guys are, keep it up!

tvanngoSeptember 26, 2017 pm30 5:25 pm

we need a wAy to be barefoot