Friday, September 29, 2017

Birthday Membership Contest WINNERS

First off, congratulations to all Poptropicans who put in the amazing time and effort into their submissions. Over at HQ, we received so many amazing submissions for the Birthday Membership Contest, we had so much fun going through every single one. While everyone did an incredible job, we have chosen the 10 winners who have just received 1-month of free membership (which applies to both Pop Worlds and Pop Original). CAN WE GET A DRUMROLL PLEASE….
Super excited to announce these amazing submissions, hope you all enjoy too!

Credit to: Gentle Singer

Credit to: Hyper Gamer

Credit to: Fearless Lizard

Credit to: Young Cloud

Credit to: Maroon Jumper

Credit to: Thirsty Seal

Credit to: Friendly Grape

Credit to: Wild Bubbles

Credit to: Striped Dolphin

Credit to: Jumpy Coyote

Again, amazing job towards all the submissions! Winners - enjoy your membership benefits! We have an exciting surprise coming up for members very soon!

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UnknownSeptember 29, 2017 pm30 3:42 pm

Ah man, I wasn't one of the winners...

YujoJacyCoyoteSeptember 29, 2017 pm30 11:50 pm

Thanks for the membership :D. ''Twas fun coming up with the Extravaganza island story. All the other island concepts are great too, along with their illustrations.

UnknownOctober 3, 2017 pm31 3:58 pm

Shame on you devs you have completely messed up poptpropica now itś all just a glorified cash grab you guys are sitting on your hands and making sure that the game will go down the toliet i started playing poptropica and i loved it it was a place where i could play and do quest but then you guys have to be jerks and make everything members only your not fooling anyone. If the dev team is reading this wake up and fix the game and non members matter you can keep beating down the game untill it itś nothing but dust shame on you