Friday, September 15, 2017

Birthday Fun!!!!

IT’S BIRTHDAY TIME! The big 1-0. 10 years of Poptropica awesomeness, time really does fly. Another year under our belt with a newly launched book AND game, the next upcoming year is sure going to be as exciting as the last. Here at Poptropica HQ, we love to celebrate with cake and fun (as I am sure you have seen in past years)

But onto celebrations! Our first gift to all of you crazy Poptropica Fans is a FREE stylish costume in Poptropica Original.

That’s right, FREE! But it won’t be there forever, so login today to claim yours. Don’t worry, the Poptropica Worlds costume is just getting the final birthday touches added. Will keep you posted when that is ready in stores.

Also, we have another gift we will open today for all of you, and this one is BIG! Stay tuned for more exciting celebrations.

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Book/into/a/movie/into/an/animeSeptember 16, 2017 pm30 7:50 pm

kinda disappointed that you limited this hat item, it would still be nice to notify us before hand otherwise it'd be a waste to get us all excited.

Matthew GonzalezSeptember 17, 2017 pm30 3:03 pm

When will there be an update on pop worlds and next island

PoptropicaZaWarudoOctober 11, 2017 am31 10:13 am

Where's the Poptropica Worlds Birthday Outfit?!!