Thursday, July 27, 2017

Discover the Remastered 24 Carrot Island!

Have you had the chance to take on the latest adventure and save the citizens of 24 Carrot Island? Full of brand new scenes, mysterious disappearances and puzzling riddles, this version is remastered and even more thrilling than the original!

Dr. Hare is back, and he is more powerful than ever! Should you choose to accept this dangerous quest, your mission is to stop this evil mastermind from destroying the carrot crops and hypnotizing the people of 24 Carrot Island!

What are your favorite new features on the #PopWorlds version of 24 Carrot Island? My favorite is the end scene when you have to take down Dr. Hare’s robot- it’s WAY more challenging to take down this fighting machine! Tag us with what you love most about 24 Carrot Island and start playing today!

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Matthew GonzalezAugust 7, 2017 pm31 4:32 pm

Love it