Thursday, June 15, 2017

What does your Poptropica Worlds dream house look like?

One of the coolest things about Poptropica Worlds is that you get your very own House to decorate! There are so many colorful wallpapers, different types of furniture, awesome home accents, and fun wall decor items for decorating all three floors of your home sweet home.

Create a living room, a bedroom, a game room... maybe a kitchen, too. Decorate your Poptropica Worlds House with an elegant, zany, or modern theme, or a totally unique theme all your own!

Watch this short video to get some ideas of how you can decorate your Poptropica Worlds House:

Here's a look at part of my Poptropica Worlds House (I still have A LOT to do):

Wondering what those locked doors are all about? They're house expansions -- coming soon to a House near you...

What does your Poptropica Worlds House look like? Share a screenshot on social media using the hashtag #MyPopHouse and we'll repost!

Go decorate your House in Poptropica Worlds -- and don't forget to spin the wheel on the Home Island every day to get coins that'll fund all your decorating dreams.

We're looking forward to seeing your houses. Go forth and decorate!

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