Monday, June 19, 2017

Check out Thinknoodles' Poptropica Worlds videos!

Hey there, Poptropicans! Many of you probably know our friend Thinknoodles, an awesome YouTuber who creates family-friendly gaming videos and has more than 2.2 million subscribers (WOW!).

Think has been a Poptropica fan for a long time (check out all his Poptropica walkthroughs), and he was psyched when Poptropica Worlds came out! Recently we chatted on Twitter and he mentioned how he's a big Poptropica fan:

Thinknoodles just created two videos for his "Road to Captain Thinknoodles" series, which is super fun to watch -- these videos show him exploring a Poptropica island for the first time. They're definitely entertaining and also really helpful as you explore Crisis Caverns yourself!

Check out Road to Captain Thinknoodles: Crisis Caverns Part I and Part II. And stay tuned for his official Crisis Caverns Walkthrough, coming soon to his channel.

Have you completed Crisis Caverns yet? If not, check out Think's videos for some tips and then hop over to Poptropica Worlds and play! Have fun!

PS: Did you know that when you complete Crisis Caverns you'll get 500 coins -- each time you complete it? What will you spend all those coins on -- furniture for your Poptropica House? Clothes and accessories for your Poptropican? Go earn those coins on Poptropica Worlds now!

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