Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Check out these creative Popsonas -- and share yours!

Wow! I've been seeing so many creative and fun #MyPopsona posts on social media! Poptropica players all around the world have been sharing their Poptropican's Popsona -- their avatar's backstory, personality, likes/dislikes, and more.

Here are a bunch of Popsonas shared on Instagram that I thought were especially cool:

@beebearie on Instagram

@haileymorrisonbooks on Instagram

@envythefoxx on Instagram

@doodleghost on Instagram

@clean_storm on Instagram

@fiercepear11 on Instagram

@galeophie on Instagram
You can share your Poptropican's Popsona, too! Post on social media with the hashtag #MyPopsona so we can see -- here's where you can find Poptropica:


Remember, you can always download your Poptropican's avatar by using the Avatar Studio or by taking a screenshot of your Poptropica Worlds avatar (hint: If you go into your closet, your Poptropican will be much bigger -- take a screenshot there). No drawing necessary!

Tell us about your Poptropican in a tweet, on our Facebook wall, on Instagram, or on your own blog. Just use #MyPopsona so we see it! We'll feature some more of our faves on an upcoming blog post.

and let your imagination run wild as you dream up your Poptropican's Popsona!

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