Friday, June 16, 2017

Check out our first Friday Feature Favorite!

Hey Poptropicans! Today we're debuting a new blog series. A couple Fridays a month, a Poptropica Creator will write about one of their favorite things in Poptropica Worlds -- a store item, a certain part of an island, a particular outfit... whatever they want!

This week I'm showing off one of my favorite house decor items in Poptropica Worlds:

I love the chandelier in the Poptropica Store! I think it's so elegant. I'd love to have a chandelier in my real-life home office to give it some flair. And one in my dining room. And maybe one in the hallway... decisions, decisions!

Here's how I used the chandelier in my Poptropica Worlds House:

I think it looks so pretty over my beautiful bed! I picked pink wallpaper for my room because it appeals to the girly-girl side of my personality. I like soccer and music, so I also showed off those interests through my room decor. The fish tank was just too cool not to get, and I like how the giant plant fills up that space near the door.

What's one of your favorite items in the Poptropica Store? Head over to Poptropica Worlds on the web or on the app and browse the store, do some decorating, and let me know on social media!

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