Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Skinny Moon's avatar in Poptropica vs. Poptropica Worlds!

Hello Poptropicans! The debut of Poptropica Worlds will be here before you know it and here at Poptropica headquarters, we're as excited as you are!

Ever since we did a post on how the Poptropica avatar is changing for Poptropica Worlds, I was curious to know how my current Poptropica avatar might look in Worlds. So one of our amazing artists, Lance, recreated my avatar, Worlds-style! Check it out:

I have socks and shoes! Hands! Eyelashes! And I'm taller! I feel like I still look very "Poptropica," but yet so shiny and new. This is SO EXCITING!

We have so many incredible customization options in the Poptropica Worlds store and I can't wait to give my avatar a whole new look. Soon we'll all be able to deck out our Poptropicans like never before! Get excited, everyone!

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