Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Snowpocalypse has hit Poptropica!

Holy snowstorm, Batman! You may have heard that a blizzard is hitting the Northeast USA right now, and that means many of the Poptropica Creators are snowed in. What a perfect day for playing our Snowpocalypse game, right?

My high score today is 47. I know I can do better than that -- can you?

Play Snowpocalypse by going to the Home Island on Poptropica.com. Go left to the billboard and click on that third dot at the bottom of the billboard to see the Snowpocalypse image (or just wait until the Snowpocalypse image comes up). Click on it and you're off!

Watch this video to see exactly how to get to that billboard:

Are you on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook? If so, take a screenshot of your high score, share it, and we'll share your pic! Be sure to tag us so we see it!

Instagram: @poptropicacreators
Twitter: @Poptropica
Facebook: @Poptropica Creators

If you're having a snow day today, have fun and stay warm!

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